Barely a year after dropping Volume 1 of his debut Extended Play ‘Louder Actions”, Joram Kayondo who is also professionally known as Joka recently followed it up with a second chapter; making it his 3rd major project release.

The EP comes at a time when we are excited to open the music year 2023/24 s our ears are indeed yearning for some new stuff to jam to.

Tagged “LXXDXR XCTXXNS Vol. 2.”, the trailblazer’s experimental five-track genre-blending project carries three features, and two solos while cutting across genres: Soul, and afro beats.

Originally made available exclusively on Mwonya Stream, the EP was made available to our usual major music streaming services last Saturday 21st of January.

So, here’s a deep dive into the 13minute 49-second piece:

Highly melancholic “WXMXN” which serves as the opening song on the EP is a hushed Afrobeat song that has a prominent kick, with rising and falling backups. On this track, Joka lets his guard down, becoming vulnerable when he talks about how an undisclosed woman makes him feel. This song was heavily inspired by Soundlykbb’s JOANITA and a careful listener can’t miss the muse once he listens to it.

Existing in an industry where artists tend to bend towards the trend of cracking up hits and storming the charts, Joka as a firm believer in his sound tends to focus more on creating music and a sound that’s authentic to him; a spirit we see splashed on the other four tracks on ‘LOUDER ACTIONS Vol, 2”.

Funny story on the inspiration behind song number two “XN MY MXND” on this offering. Joka remarks that initially the song idea was a clear definition of how his guest collaborator Katumba Baker felt; his feelings towards a love interest whose name he doesn’t disclose. Joka and Baker shoulder the bulk of the song and deliver it deliciously. Their vocals swim beautifully over the instrumentals, disguising clever, naughty wordplay with romantic, sugary melodies to create a soft and sweet offering that brings to life wailing strings and a simple afrobeat drum pattern serve as the backdrop for a tale of enchantment to be spun over a catchy chorus.

Speaking of a fantastic mix of emotions, feelings, and vibes, track 3 “XGXSLX” on the EP fits this description perfectly.  Produced by GEOX the producer, the song sees Joka shine in his signature minimalist Afrobeats element combined with energetic percussion-driven drums, thick bass runs, and sparse melodic phrases.

“XGXSLX” explores lust and remorse at the same time. Joka sings the first verse as he talks about a woman’s beauty and body features not forgetting her chokehold on the creator’s craft. He further expresses the desire to be the only choice of this female figure but is slow to act due to an undisclosed reason. Joka seems to be more expressive and appreciative on this particular afrobeat track. This song is mid-tempo, perhaps because of the theme.

On “PXXSXNXXS,” Geoxwill basks on his prowess: his innate ability to rap at the same time creates timeless melodies in a rather alpha male vocal tone. The chorus is delivered as smoothly as the verses and features heavenly choral supporting vocals that lend the song an outer space sensibility which Joka heavily deployed in the execution of this project. The song sees Joka and GEOXwill reminiscing on the folly, infidelity, and toxicity of an undisclosed girl at the same time exhibiting lusty ambitions regardless.

“BXNXNX’S XNTXRLXDX” closes the perfect 5-track project. ‘Oluvannyuma“; the song was originally composed and performed by Zulitums and was only a karaoke cover version. This particular track made the cut on this EP as a matter of faith. Joka met Meya Banana in the earlier days of their high school and their creative chemistry has been developing since. Although Joka is unheard on this track and it’s purely Banana from start to end, Joka has faith that the world needed to hear Banana for the soulful singer she can be.

“Louder Actions Vol. 2” is now available and streaming everywhere. Listen to it below: