The bandleader of one of Uganda’s most prominent bands A Ka Dope Band, Francis Kasura last week released his debut album, The ODE. It contains 11 tracks.

On June 5, 2023, which also happened to be his birthday is when he chose to share the album with the world, writing:

“Today as I type this message, my heart is full and overflowing with joy. I’m so glad that I get to share with you this journey of my fears dreams, self-discovery, and triumph. Open your heart as you listen and let each note tingle the innermost part of your soul. PS. Do not Skip.” The ODE album features 7 celebrated Ugandan artists like Julius Sese, Tucker HD, Lagum the Rapper, among others, and takes listeners through a modernized multi-genre authentic Ugandan music experience.

The ODE combines Kasura’s tracks with those of other artists that have been featured, including “ODE”, “Walumbe”, “Dead Man Walking”, “Elle” ft. Tuker HD, “Interlusional” ft. Kevin Abuka and Jowel, “SRB” ft. Jose, “Play On” ft. Idi Amin, “Dead and Gone” ft. Julius Sese, “Diesel Wings” and “Neon Plates” ft. Lagum the Rapper. “She Say” with Julius Sese and “Yegwe” featuring Carseten.

Kasura pledged to keep on working on projects and collaborating with other musicians to make music that connects with the story of Uganda and motivates listeners to be the best versions of themselves as they navigate life.

He mentioned, “Music is known to be a universal language that unites people world over despite their different cultures, and beliefs, and as artists, we should use this platform to make a positive impact with our talents.”

Kasura also doubles as a Business Unit Head of one of Uganda’s top marketing agencies, fireworks Advertising Limited. He remains a strong believer in being able to channel one’s creativity through various mediums.

The ODE album can be streamed on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and major streaming platforms. Listen to it below: