The sounds of nature in the Pearl of Africa take a fresh, dewy twist as sightseeing meets nature, meets culture, and its people: an immersion of splendor.

Kempten is taking you to Mukono district to end the year in style, a beautiful serene environment provided by the Sezibwa Falls.

The falls at Sezibwa take the lion’s share of the plaudits and even stole a part of the name, but the destination is more than just the water. Be that as it may, the falls are a sight to behold. Even at the entrance, you can hear the water arguing about the location of various rocks on earth. That sound comes from the actual Sezibwa Falls of water falling from a little less than 20 meters into a 13-meter deep pool.

The falls, whose original water source is in Buikwe District, marks the first serving of the marvel buffet being served in this location. While walking over the bridge to access the other parts of the site, the cold starts to bite but doesn’t hurt. It is the site’s welcome remarks. You can see the birds playing checkers in the water and some hovering above trying to run surveillance. From the get-go, Sezibwa serves opulence.

The second bit of enjoyment that comes with this beautiful site is the people and culture resonating on the land. If you did not know this, the Ganda people in Uganda’s central region consider this a cultural heritage site. Some people tend and take care of this site to preserve its altar-for-the-gods status. These natives’ folklore tells us that River Sezibwa is borne of a woman and will always meander and find its way to avoid obstacles to flow forever.

Kempten Safaris
Kempten Safaris – (Picture: Courtesy)

The oral tradition goes ahead to say that this flow is overseen by spirits called “Nalongo Kubo.” At the base of the falls are shrines for the gods Musoke (god of rain) and Walumbe (god of death)

PS: The last time travel enthusiasts were at this shrine asking many questions, Musoke blessed them with a drizzle, and no sooner had they left than the downpours let us be. How convenient!

Sezibwa’s environment serves more purpose than we are looking to exhaust this weekend. We will be camping and sleeping, which will not be a hardship because we will go down to the birds’ chirps and songs, with the momentary beat drops from the falling waters.

Kempten Safaris
A moment in Jinja, with Kempten Safaris (Picture: Kempten Safaris)

While everyone hopes to enjoy what Sezibwa has to offer, Kempten shall leave our mark on Sezibwa. The public asked, and Kempten Safaris is responding. It has also assembled the able services of the crowd pleaza, DJ Ciza, who will awaken the gods to come and dance and make merry with you. The renowned Ugandan pleaser will be at the center of the Dance and jam session throughout the excursion. The fun starts as soon as you confirm your attendance with us because that’s what we do – make it worth your while.

When the gods enjoy our soiree, there will be no rain showers. The gods will be nursing fatigue and too busy with that to send water upon us. The fatigue will be felt in the stomach because on the menu is a sumptuous BBQ that will get you finger-licking as soon as you taste. When you are with us, always have your right angle because you never where the camera will snap you from.

Since the lockdown’s partial lift, domestic tourism is one of the sectors that have gathered pace to help Ugandans forget what it was not to go anywhere, by going everywhere. It is our Uganda to enjoy. Sezibwa drums are sounds, and we are answering the call.

The Sounds of Sezibwa trip goes for only UGX. 120,000/=, and to book a slot, contact Kempten Safaris on +256 775244201 / +256 703978390.  All Ministry of Health COVID-19 safety guidelines are to be followed.