Iryn Namubiru(L), Kin Bella (in pink), Sama Sojah (in brown jacket), & King Solomon (R), the new signees (Picture: YouTube)

360 entertainment company – Masters Friday last week held a mini luncheon lunch BBQ event at their offices on Ntinda II Road. The function was attended by key players in the media and entertainment fraternity, both written, digital and audiovisual media, deejays, among many others, and hosted by Rapper and 88.2 Sanyu FM radio personality Timothy Code.

Having people of this caliber at such a setting would mean a major musical announcement was about to be made.  One of them being that Masters Music was open for business; as the company had grown over the years, since its formation in 2014 and expanded beyond not just audio production, but has also added services such as videography, podcast production, instrument, vocal and music production, documentary production, digital marketing, graphics design, public relations and digital distribution/ publishing for artists.

An outside look of Masters Music (Picture: Masters Music, Media)
An outside look of Masters Music (Picture: Masters Music, Media)

MP Elect for Rukiga County Roland Ndyomugyenyi Bish while speaking at the colorful event appreciated Masters’ founder Mr. Brisco Master for the innovation and for everyone involved in musical talent identification and development. He also echoed that Masters was a big force in boasting his political campaign as the theme song for his campaign was recorded at Masters Studios. He concluded his remarks by once again thanking each and everyone for showing up and once again to Masters for empowering the youth through music, and promoting their talent.

As attendees were treated to cocktails and ambient background music, Masters Music CEO Master Brisco kick started the second session where he shared that the record label has worked with acts both locally and internationally such as Billy Oceans (2014), Tarrus Riley (2018), Bebe Cool, Juliana Kanyomozi etc.  He also noted that the brand used the time of the pandemic to carry out a data audit, and re- strategize and be able to roll. Mr. Brisco also revealed that the label is open to collaborations and partnerships.

The unveiling of Masters Music’s new host of musical signings event was spear headed by the record label founders; with the lead being veteran vocalist Iryn Namubiru; a lady whose soft trademark voice, lyrics senate have been none to doubt; over the years. Iryn Namubiru had a favorably good year in 2020, releasing a couple of top hits off her full-length ‘Mpulira’ album. The signing of Iryn to not only skyrocket her to reclaim the space she enjoyed back in the days but also as a partnership to show to show the world the potential Masters Music has.

The singer in an interview during the launch said that it was good to put pen on paper and kick off another long-time working relationship with Master’s Music. About retiring from music after singing for a long time, Namubiru said that music is not like football where players reach a point and retire because, for music, you can go on for years and years if you still have a voice.

Also announced at the event was her ‘Kikondoolo’ collaboration mate Sama Sojah, a young talented artiste was also unveiled. Famed ‘Akaama’ singer Kizito Ivan Tony also professionally known as Sama Sojah infuses traditional Ugandan music with afro-beats and dancehall reggae genres to portray his vast talent. He too was signed.

'Kikondoolo' singers Iryn Namubiru & Sama Sojah |
‘Kikondoolo’ singers Iryn Namubiru & Sama Sojah (Picture: Mdundo)

The reveal party was capped with the introduction of three raw young talents Kin Bella, King Solomon and Shwento to the mainstream and they intend to make their mark on the industry very soon. Kin Bella has the Afro beat, pop, fusion thing going on and has only one single ‘Tongiwa’ out at the moment.

Kin Bella
Kin Bella (Picture: Masters Music, Media)

King Solomon blends traditional folk rukiga into his lyrics and amalgamates it into an urban upbeat to compose and Shwento have a self-titled EP out. Visit the Masters Website to check out the newly signed artists and some of their individual projects. From I to the artists, Congratulations! Can’t wait to hear that beautiful music, straight outta masters!!

Masters Music officially rolls out as record label. Unveils Artist Roster including Iryn Namubiru, Sama Sojah signings 1 MUGIBSON
Iryn Namubiru(L), Kin Bella (in pink), Sama Sojah (in brown jacket), & King Solomon (R), the new signees (Picture: YouTube)