Ebrahim Soul'o King, King Missy (M), Triggah, Matt Travers, and Mootownoh (extreme Right) photographed at the Listening party of their first original track "Bikaaye" as a group. (Image: Twitter: @mtnug)

The MTN Pulse Hip Hop Cypher Winners a week ago released their debut group Song titled “Bikaaye”; at an exclusive listening event held at The Drop Bar & Restaurant in the outskirts of Kampala.

Among the talented quintet composed of Allan Watikha aka Triggah, Ebrahim Soul’o King , Matt Travers, Mootownoh was King Missy who emerged top 5 from the MTN Pulse Hip Hop awards under the cypher challenge category this year.

MTN Uganda introduced the MTN Pulse Cypher challenge to discover, nurture, and support raw talent in the hip-hop industry by providing young talented artists with a platform to showcase and achieve their dreams. This platform gave the youth an opportunity to showcase their rapping and musical skills which has in turn given them a chance to work with a top industry producer, Benon Mugumbya of Swangz avenue. 

“Bikaaye” which can be loosely translated as “Things have become tougher” was written and produced by the top five winners of the MTN Pulse Hip Hop Cypher Awards in collaboration with Swangz Avenue and is a reflection of the everyday hustler’s life, that pushes the youth to brave the challenging times of economic hardships in the country according to Allan Watikha (Triggah – one of the 5 singers on the project).

King Missy born Anena Missy Ochola happened to be the only girl in the top five winners and while speaking to media at the event expressed her gratitude to the organizers of the challenge affirming that this experience has helped her step into her own as a rapper and recognize what she too has to offer in the music industry.

“By taking part in this challenge, I have met so many people in my path; I’ve grown, I’ve met many more people and I have made a lot more music, and that’s all thanks to MTN and Swangz Avenue. I think that’s the goal at the end of the day;- to keep creating. Can’t wait to grow big and better,” said Anena.

Also sharing on their experience with creating the record, Triggah commented that: “The experience has been massive, I thought after the competitions everyone was going to go their own way but MTN gave us a platform to express ourselves and reach a wider audience. MTN pulse kept us together and tipped us on the new opportunities that can push us to higher levels. Now here we are premiering our own record song”.

Faiza Fabz Salima the MTN Pulse Ambassador, said that one of the best opportunities MTN has given to Ugandan Youth is a platform that speaks to their ambitions and dreams and allows them to prove they too can make it out there in the world.

“It is such an honour and delight to see young people do what they love and work towards making their dreams a reality,” Salima said.

Ebrahim thanked MTN for giving them a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the gravity of their talents as rappers and be able to show the world what they can do.

Through MTN Pulse (its youth platform), MTN Uganda is committed to providing the benefits of a modern connected world and harnessing the youth’s potential to reach their desired goals through its youth platform, MTN Pulse.

FUN FACT: The chorus on “Bikaaye” was sung by Zafaran; the newest voice at Swangz Avenue. The track is now streaming on TIDAL. Do download the mobile application, and go to your phone’s dial pad, and press *165*66# to activate a subscription for as low as Ugx. 500/+ inclusive of mobile data and listen to the anthem no there.

About King Missy

At only 18, King Missy has beaten the odds and continues to curve out a place for herself on the Ugandan hip-hop scene; bar by bar. With over 100 entries, she came in 3rd in the MTN Pulse Cypher segment. Missy is not your ordinary rapper as she juggles it with being a writer, actress, poet & nursing student.

King Missy identifies as a powerful and conscious voice of her generation and this heavily shines on her 5track debut EP “Saved For 18” on which she paints a picture of the world in which she grew up, highlighting topics: systemic poverty, mental illness & teenage growing pains. Despite the challenges she has faced, she confidently declares herself “king” and foresees her future rise to success from an African ghetto, assuring us that she will lead others to join her on the journey.

For one changing the narrative and gender biases in music more so in Hip-hop back here, it is only right that you give her her flowers and support; to start with by streaming her project here.