In Picture: Alan Walker, one of Maerco role models in the EDM World

For quite some time now, I have always been on the lookout for Electronic Dance Music as it has been my favorite music genres since the days when I first heard the sounds of the likes of Calvin Harris, Avicii, before I could even know it was dance music; less words – more exuberant danceable beats.

Upon posting a question to my Twitter, I got to discover Mark Agaba (professionally known as Maerco) and [pronounced ‘Marko’]. The 23-year-old describes himself as an upcoming EDM producer and majors in sub-genres: AfroEDM, Future house, Future Trap, Future Bass and Tropical House.

Maerco belongs to an EDM group called Electronic Wave EW and is composed of producers and artists interested in EDM as a genre (style of music). Having taught himself music theory on YouTube Academy, kicked off his career three (3) years ago (2017), Mark dropped a 5track EP ‘ViTALiTY’.

He chose Electronic music as a way to challenge himself and the Ugandan music industry to introduce it into the music mainstream. His distinct power drops as well as catchy melodies are produced as a way to in listeners.

Commenting on the stand of the genre in Uganda; Mark says that: “I think Electronic Music isn’t really recognized very much in the Ugandan scene because most producers think it’s too complex and very tiresome to produce. And because they fear bringing something new.

Mark also uses his music as a way of addressing Mental Health issues: Depression, Anxiety as this music kind of lifts up our feelings and souls; just like a roller coaster does. “The Opposite of Depression is not Happiness but ViTALiTY”, says Maerco. Each track in the EP is crafted with a different kind of sensation and feeling and hopes you all like it.

Maerco | ReverbNation
ViTALiTY the EP’s artwork (Picture: Reverb Nation)

The self-taught producer in Mark also designs his own artwork for all his releases, has never been to a music studio and therefore does all the work using his laptop.

Maerco draws inspiration from International DJs Alan Walker, Martin Garrix, Calvin Harris, Kshmr and lots of guys whereas on the local EDM scene, his inspiration are The Cee and iZAYA The Composer.

Izaya the Composer - The Clan
Izaya the Composer (Picture: The Clan)

Despite a few issues here and there, the budding EDM making star has been able to release other singles: Ocean Minds, and Lost Ecstasy. Maerco’s socials and music can be found here.

About his hopes: Mark and the creators at Electronic Wave (EW) hope to participate and perform when Ultra East Africa arrives and hopefully have EDM Editions here in Uganda.

Other producers at Electronic Wave (EW) include: Tera NItric, Angel BanksQush and ‘Broken’ singer Crums. The team is larger and ever expanding. EW as a community is on the constant look out for talents and fans in similar interests of Electronic music in Uganda and are hopeful to introducing this genre in Ugandan airwaves and on mainstream as well.

About Mark’s photo or jpegs like many call them nowadays, just like one of his idols Alan Walker, prefers to remain anonymous. Sorry ladies;- save your crushes for another day 😂   hope you see what I did there. 😉

Maerco - Home | Facebook
Maerco prefers to go by this logo as his face (Picture: Facebook)

Check out his remake of J.C Muyonjo’s Uber Guy below; -. Also remember to be awesome and stream/ download his ‘ViTALiTY’ EP; out now and everywhere.