The NBS Housing Baraza 3rd edition will take place from October 14th to 15th and will be broadcast live on NBS TV.

NBS Television and Housing Finance Bank, in partnership with Habitat For Humanity earlier this week launched the 3rd edition of the NBS Housing Baraza.

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Speaking at the launch, Joseph Kigozi, Chief Strategy Officer at Next Media Services remarked that, “Uganda has had several people and entities who have for long done tremendous work in improving our real estate business – one that is a long-term project for all involved, one that is ever-increasing in value.”

Next Media Services Chief Strategy Officer Joseph Kigozi (Picture: Twitter)

“We want to celebrate these people and provide a platform to share their knowledge and continue the journey towards affordable housing for all Ugandans,” he added.

The NBS Housing Baraza is an initiative aimed at addressing pertinent issues, identifying innovation and business development opportunities, providing networking opportunities, and exploring related topics affecting Uganda’s housing sector.

It brings together prospective homeowners, homebuilders, government, legislators, and industry professionals, and others to discuss and share the latest thinking and solutions to the housing problem in Uganda.

The 3rd edition to be held under the theme, “Celebrating Housing Champions”, will focus on recognizing ingenuity in the quest to provide and obtain decent housing, despite the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It will tackle issues on developing affordable housing, overcoming supply chain disruptions as well as financing the construction and purchase of homes amid the pandemic, among others.

Habitat For Humanity National Director, Robert Otim (Picture: Twitter)

“Now is the time to rally everyone to recognize the importance of housing,” Said Robert Otim, the National Director, Habitat For Humanity. “Uganda is not yet taping into the potential of the housing sector. While in the neighboring countries, the housing sector contributes 25% to GDP, in Uganda it is still at 7.5%. We need to recognize and explore opportunities provided by the housing sector.”

The NBS Housing Baraza 3rd edition will take place from October 14th to 15th and will be broadcast live on NBS TV.