Last week Friday 18th saw the launch of Next Wowzi, a ground-breaking joint venture birthed from a collaboration between Next Media and Wowzi, the continent’s top influencer marketing platform, that has the media and digital sector in Uganda buzzing with eagerness.

With the launch of this cutting-edge platform, a major step has been taken toward revolutionizing the field of digital marketing and tackling the urgent problem of youth unemployment.

Distinguished visitors, business executives, well-known firms, organizations, and key influencers attended the inaugural event at the Next Media Park. Both Dr. Amina Zawedde, the Permanent Secretary to the Minister for ICT and National Guidance, and the Guest of Honor, Hon. Justine Kasule Lumumba, Minister of the Office of the Prime Minister (General Duties), were in attendance.

The occasion was used as a platform to introduce Next Wowzi’s ground-breaking product and to emphasize the significant cooperation that inspired its creation.

Mike Otieno, co-founder and president of Wowzi, and Kin Kariisa, CEO of Next Media, grabbed the podium to support this ground-breaking project with a genuine sense of excitement.

“Introducing Next Wowzi to Uganda’s dynamic digital landscape is a moment of immense excitement. This platform is poised to create an efficient avenue for influencers to connect with brands, providing sustainable employment opportunities for the youth while simultaneously revolutionizing the marketing industry,” expressed Otieno.

With Next Wowzi’s arrival into the Ugandan market, influencer marketing has advanced significantly. The timing for Next Wowzi couldn’t be better with a rapidly expanding digital penetration and an increase in the number of Ugandans accessing social media platforms and the internet.

By seamlessly bringing together companies and powerful content producers, shortening the process, and increasing the impact of influencer marketing, the platform is poised to revolutionize the field.

The opening event placed a lot of emphasis on Next Wowzi’s unshakable dedication to employment development. With an ambitious goal of creating 1.5 million employment over the next five years, Next Media and Wowzi’s partnership demonstrates their commitment to developing Uganda’s youth.

To embark on a seamless and fruitful path within influencing, Next Wowzi is inviting influencers from all over Uganda. Get the Next Wowzi on Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Here’s how its interface looks: