It’s been a minute since we had a fast moving track that borrows from our very local dialect. This
gap, Sam Kimera’s latest buzzing bop ‘Omuwala’ attempts to cover and it does the feat justice.

‘Omuwala’ whose visuals were co-directed by Sam Kimera himself alongside Coulten Kirabo was
also written by he himself and produced by Sam Bisaso.

In it, Sam Kimera sings about love, further bringing the theme of love to life with sweet Lusoga lyrics.
Taking to his tiktok, the veteran singer and songwriter revealed that the inspiration of this lovely
ballad dates back to as far as his days of high school while at Jinja College, an only-boys school in
Eastern Uganda.

Around the region, the most predominantly spoken language is Lusoga. So as part of the music
competition, singing traditional/ folk songs was part of the activities, but the boys from Kampala City
had no idea. When they arrived, the teacher gave them assignment of having to make a song in the
locally spoken language from the region. Being that they didn’t know Lusoga, that’s how they came
up with an idea that later got them disqualified since there was a pronunciation mishap in their

So when Kimera was reminded of this story by his friend, he found it interesting and humorous
hence putting it on a beat he already had hence the smash hit ‘Omuwala’. Quite interesting, right?
Watch him share the story here:

Having kick started his music career in 2009, the music maestro has since worked and recorded
music with Levixone, Coopy Bly, Jackie Ssenyonjo, to Maurice Kirya, Ruyonga, JT, Richy Kawesa and
Jazz Maestro, Myko Ouma exploring genres acoustic soul and RnB while having no trouble throwing
in some neo-soul, reggae, hip-hop and even dancehall.