For hundreds of years, beer has mostly been sold in bottles. Over time, more and more brewers/ manufacturers are making the switch to aluminum and steel cans; the latest being Nile Breweries’ Nile Special & Club Pilsener brands.

In line with celebrating its consistency and world-class recognized quality, Nile Breweries Limited the makers and distributors of Castle Lite, Budweiser, Nile Special, Nile Special Stout, Club Pilsener, Eagle (Eagle Poa & Dark) rolled out canned beers under flagship campaign “Unmatched In Gold”.

The brewer had at the end of last year launched canned beers but for only Castle Lite and now has done so for Nile Special and Club Pilsener as well.

Soda and soft drinks have in the past had innovations like these as opposed to bottled packaging, hence becoming increasingly popular and highly favored in the market among the masses.

Brands like Riham/ Harris International, Crown Beverages, Crown Beverages have been some of the companies at the forefront of championing PET packaging/ canned drinks and this is seen on some of their products like Oner, Riham Cola etc, and eventually, others followed the wave.

Canned beers, first of all, take away the pressure of someone having to struggle to finish their drink while in a bar/ place when they wish to leave (as bottles are not allowed to be left with while exiting the hangout), the convenience that canned beer/ PET provides.

The “bbu” canned beer guys weigh less meaning that they can be carried anywhere with ease while shockingly carrying/ moving the same amount of product which of course cuts production costs of bottles on the side of the firm.

Don’t know much about science but bringing the “Taasa Obutonde” element, cans are easily recyclable. Research has it that aluminum is the most recyclable material on the planet and that 54.9% of all aluminum cans get successfully repurposed after recycling and 26.4% of recycled glass actually gets reused.

Last but not least, beers that are in cans are easier to transport; as they are more compact, and more beer can be transported on one pallet, plus reduces the elements of accidents that can be caused when a beer bottle breaks since cans cannot.

The new Nile Special and Club Pilsener canned beers can be found in selected stores, at only Ugx. 4000/=.