Nile Breweries Limited has today in a bid to be a leader when it comes promoting responsible beer consumption rolled out an initiative tagged “Celebrate Responsibly – Embrace Smart Drinking”.

The campaign’s primary objective is to encourage responsible drinking practices and raise awareness about the perils of drinking and driving throughout the nation.

During the campaign’s official launch event, Emmanuel Njuki, the Head of Legal and Corporate Affairs at Nile Breweries Limited, emphasized the importance of beer as a beverage of moderation while highlighting the advantages of practicing smart drinking.

“As the leading beer provider in Uganda, we are dedicated to fostering responsible enjoyment of our products and minimizing the harmful effects of alcohol consumption in our country,” Njuki remarked.

“We aim to ensure that every interaction with our brands is a positive one, and a significant part of that involves helping our customers make informed decisions while enjoying our offerings.”

Njuki furthered that the smart drinking campaign is part of the efforts to commemorate the Global Beer Responsible Day, an annual commitment by AB InBev, Nile Breweries Limited’s parent company. This commitment extends the culture of smart drinking beyond the company’s boundaries and into the communities in which they operate worldwide.

Throughout the years, Nile Breweries Limited has launched various initiatives to promote smart drinking, including providing guidance labeling on their beer products, organizing bar activations, engaging in responsible marketing and advertising, conducting awareness campaigns through both traditional and social media, and launching social behavioral change campaigns like “No Excuse,” the Inter-University smart drinking challenge, and road safety programs. On average, the company allocates nearly Shs300 million annually to support these initiatives.

As part of this campaign, Nile Breweries Limited hosted a bar activation at Luxor Bar & Restaurant in Mbarara to educate consumers on the art of “Celebrating Responsibly” by embracing moderation.

“We want to advise and remind our customers that moderation is the key. They should avoid drinking and driving, alternate between beer and non-alcoholic beverages like water, and always accompany their drinks with food,” Njuki advised.

The campaign will continue until December 2023, with Nile Breweries Limited conducting awareness campaigns across various outlets throughout the country to champion responsible drinking behavior.

The ultimate vision is to create a world where Smart Drinking becomes the norm, serving as a shining example of the company’s commitment to a future filled with more joyful and responsible celebrations.