The day was 6th March, 2019 when Kulabako Musoke Edward officially launched Chai Apparel; a venture that would later dress cities, from head to toe. For those who were familiar with the lad’s online persona (Kamara The Addict) then, it’d be safe they saw this coming, as he always posted about tea (chai mukalu). Posts usually recommending folks to drink black tea, or what escort they were having alongside their chai mukalu. However, this is besides the story.

chaimukalugang hashtag on Twitter
        The very first set of Chai Mukalu Jumpers

Well, you’d agree with me that If there is anything that has taken over this generation in the recent times, it must be statement T-shirts. In the clothing and fashion world, the evolution has been relatively fast and this has seen several styles become obsolete and many new ones adopted. You have probably seen artistes, public figures and several funky youths donning these signature t-shirts. Ranging from catchy phrases from English, Luganda, Runyankore and other languages to mimicking inefficient public entities/ service providers, and song lyrics.

Edward drew motivation to venture into statement clothing, from the need to become a storyteller, dating back to his school days. 


‘Printed my first jumper (Chai Mukalu Gang) in February, 2019,  having seen my buddy Mugibson, having a plain one, with his name at the back. To which he offered to share the contact of its maker.    Took me some time, and would soon start out with designing and printing my first and officially making the first sale in March’, said the Apparel-preneuer.  Being surrounded by a network of supportive friends elevated his products and he since became a building block for the brand’s growth.

With an initial capital of Ugx. 120,000, Edward was now in position to take orders from clients.  


Last week but one, I shared about the YOU Factor and the benefit there’s in providing value, as a path way to creating strong brands and customer loyalty and support. Chai Apparel stands out from the rest who are in the industry of statement clothing because it does just that. From shout outs by friends, to appreciation posts by happy clients, Chai Apparel continues to grow because of many reasons; authenticity being one of them, the proprietor of the business did set up an online presence for Chai Apparel, and can be followed on Instagram, Twitter and on Facebook as well.

chaimukalugang hashtag on Twitter
           Kamara and a client

Chai Apparel has a distinctive sense of identity and sense of belonging it gives to the wearer. Say, you are a big fan of the Guinness brand, finding someone dressed in a ‘1759 Addict’ or ‘1759 Gang’ hoodie or T-Shirt would create a mini bond between you and them, because you belong to the same school of thought/ interest. Plus Edward occasionally posts pictures/ and reposts those who share shots taken by them while dressing in any Chai Apparel product. Sense of belonging reinstated.

We would also attribute Edward’s Chai Apparel breakthrough to innovativeness. Remember when I mentioned dressing cities from head to toe. Well, the enterprise has also gone ahead to make stockings, head socks, caps, customized bottles and cups. During the same interview, Edward revealed that as part of his future plans was widening the product range from t-shirts and jumpers to caps, sweatpants, which he has worked on; as there are now stockings, head socks, caps, customized bottles and cups. It’s the sweatpants left. Face masks too are out now. 😎

Part of Kamara’s future plans for the fast growing Chai Apparel movement is expand its reach past East Africa. Plus new merchandise is set to be unveiled soon; to be exact, on Independence Day (9th October). Now that does mean, you and i should expect some new products on the market soon soon.

To be able to place your orders on the already available merch, contact Chai Apparel’s Kulabako Musoke Edward on 0758 588 142 or hit them up on social media via: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and a few days later, your package will be ready for delivery.

Redefining statement clothing in East Africa. Here’s Kamara The Addict of Chai Apparel 1 MUGIBSON

Chai Apparel’s merch has been donned by vast populations; those in Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, China, to mention but a few. It is a brilliant fashion movement yet to become an even stronger power force, if you asked me.