Committed to nurturing hope, social entrepreneur Allan Kato leads the charge through the Allan Children’s Foundation, a passion project born from his own encounters with poverty. Growing up amidst financial struggles, Allan witnessed his family’s sacrifices to support his education. Despite facing homelessness and trauma, he found solace and inspiration in humanitarian work, particularly through his involvement in social media activism.

In 2019, Allan embarked on a significant endeavor by establishing the Allan Children’s Foundation. The foundation’s core mission is to mobilize resources for disadvantaged disabled children, ensuring they access vital services including medical care, education, and shelter. Through impactful initiatives, the foundation has touched the lives of over 150 orphans and vulnerable children, with funding primarily sourced from global friends and compassionate individuals. Allan expresses heartfelt gratitude to these generous contributors whose support empowers children to pursue their dreams.

Looking ahead, Allan aims to establish a permanent shelter for the children under the foundation’s care. Despite the hurdles he faced in his early years, Allan Kato remains resolute in his dedication to making a positive difference and inspiring hope in those facing adversity.

Allan Kato was born on November 13, 2003, in Kampala, Uganda, the youngest among six sisters and a twin brother. Raised by a single mother in the Kawempe division, his educational journey took him through Makerere Primary School and Kasubi Family Primary School for primary education, followed by Naalya S.S. for high school.