laws of attracction
You become what you  Attract.

The Law of Attraction, huh? Sounds like a new statement to your ears, right? Well, nature has many forces and elements in it; the “Law of Attraction”, being one of them. This is a force that is believed to be the reason as to why what happens to specific people happens to them why it does. It does so for one rather mysterious reason; – its what they attract. Here is how it works.

Well according to science, it is said that one’s thoughts or imaginations and voices they create in their heads has a somewhat way of manifesting in their lives, more of what you think of yourself or about an activity you are engaged in is what tends to be the outcome.

It is common for motivational speakers to encourage their audiences to watch their thoughts, as their thoughts tend to become their actions, and their actions become their habits, and their habits become their character, and character determines their destiny, thereby encouraging the members to at all times keep positive thoughts only. Thoughts like i will achieve this goal, and all forms of positivity that their minds need to feed on.

The law of attraction rotates around what thoughts you feed yourself about yourself, your career, dreams, work and anything that you have a direct or any form of attachment to and their possibility to manifest in everything you do or how you feel about yourself in the end.

Statements like “Never give up, You are good enough, I am beautiful, I am loved, I am stronger than I think I am or could be” may sound cliché or too common, and overly used, but trust me, most of the times the mind has a way of preserving them subconsciously and awakens them whenever you find yourself developing feelings of imposter syndrome, doubt in your abilities or feel so discouraged amidst your pursuit of your dream, the mere fact that you fed your mind with such good thoughts like “quitters never win and winners never quit, I gotta make it or make it” phrases, chances are high you are most likely to continue with the grind. That is why they say motivation is like a shower, they never last forever which is why you need to always have another with each new day that comes. In some way the law of attraction is a close cousin to motivation.

Telling yourself statements of affirmation like “boy, you got this. We are going to ace this exam man” or any other positive phrase has a somewhat way of surfacing and showing up in the way you do your tasks, not because you are the best at what you are doing but your mind like a mirror is preoccupied with thoughts of positivity that it reflects the best version of you to yourself, which is why you may find the person you did not expect to come through as the top say in a race or marathon turning out in the leading position, not because they are the fastest runner, but because they perceive and see themselves as victors (and tend to quietly remind themselves not to give up and that that race is theirs to win) even before they kick off with the race or test, therefore nature tends to work towards their favor. If you view yourself as a loser or think of yourself as such, am sorry to break it to you but rest assured most of the times, this is the very energy you will be giving off, and in the end, you end up becoming this very thought you planted inside your head.

Know of the common phrase of birds of a feather flock together? Same applies here, you are most likely to hang around people who think the same like you, have similar interests and attitudes. I guess the law of attraction makes sense now. It is a force in nature that attracts to us what exactly we think of ourselves or whatever we are engaged in.

Will give you my personal life example. Around 2013, I really wished I could get a laptop of my own, but of course had no means of getting one or purchasing one since I was a student and wasn’t working and my savings themselves were so little to even afford a hard disk of a computer. So, one day during holiday time, as I was walking around town and I happened to find a newly dumped empty laptop box with all the white interior laptop holders along come along with one all inside and intact. So, I carried it home that day. Everyone at home kept rebuking me for keeping an empty laptop box inside the house and how it was consuming “a lot of space” in the house.

Four years down the road; in 2017, at an ICT contest, my team came out as the overall winners and each team member was given a laptop each as a prize. My current Lenovo am using was courtesy of this ICT contest, after 4 years of believing and telling myself each day that I would one day have a laptop to call my own.

So, in your practice of keeping positive thoughts only, doing acts that manifest your dreams and aspirations, there will be times when some people will laugh at you, rebuke you, scorn you, call you crazy but you know what, they may attack you on the outside with all those their words and actions, just do not let them get on the inside, in your mind.

Appear like they have won on the outside but deep down inside you keep being optimistic, positive and having only positive thoughts and a good attitude towards you and your dreams. apply this logic and tactic in whatever you do and trust me you will see the difference in the outcomes and results in whatever you lay your hands on.
Remember, you are what you attract. Just make sure you are attracting what’s right for you and your mind.