It’s about that time of the year. A season for cheer, the gifts, merry, and celebrations all over the world. You would all agree with me that this is the season which is known to bring about and strengthen bonds with family members, relatives, friends and acquaintances. A season of paying visits, expecting to host guests, and sharing warm greetings.

As I was compiling this article someone also whispered to me that it is that time of the year when each family is about to look for their VHS tape or CD to watch the famous classic, ‘Home Alone’. Well, all I am saying is that after a day of feasting heavily, coupled with eating, drinking, making merry and rejoicing, there are high chances that the evening time as you unwind the day, a family movie would be suitable for that mood.

So, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, grab yourself a bucket of popcorn; its movie time. Here are my recommendations of family movies you and your family could catch as you celebrate this Christmas holiday. To start off is with;

5. Office Christmas Party

5 Christmas Movies to catch this Festive Season 1 MUGIBSON

Our choice number five is this comedy; stares two dramatic siblings T.J Miller and Jennifer Aniston who play roles as feuding siblings who have different perspectives on how to run the company they inherited. Tasked with winning the business of a highs stakes client, Miller (Clay) decides to throw the staff a Christmas party. If you are looking for a Christmas movie, with a blend of comedy in it, this is one to look out for. It contains language and some scenes that might not be appropriate for immature audiences. Therefore, parental guidance (PG) is advised.

4. Jingle All The Way

5 Christmas Movies to catch this Festive Season 2 MUGIBSON

Released in November 1996, ‘Jingle All The Way’ is a classic tale of a one Howard Langston (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger), a business and indeed busy man, who has lets his son (Jamie) down continuously and promises that he will get him the Turbo-Man action figure, the most coveted toy of the holiday season. But he’s not the only dad who’s made this promise to their child this present. He therefore ends up in a showdown, an odyssey wilder than he could have ever imagined when he finds out that another father had promised their child the same yet it was just one left, since all the available pieces had sold out. The character of the other father is played by Myron Larabee (Sinbad). This movie too carries an equal measure of comedy alongside it, besides some life lessons for parents to take home.

3. Tom and Jerry Fast and The Furry.

5 Christmas Movies to catch this Festive Season 3 MUGIBSON

With its release in October 2005, Tom and Jerry Fast and The Furry is an action and adventure film that features the usual suspects; Tom and Jerry. After the two wrecking their house during a chase, Tom and Jerry enter a race with each other and the winner is to take a new fancy house (organized by a television network). This race raised the TV network’s ratings and viewership and therefore the owners and organizers of the race keep adjusting the finishing line and adding other locations for the challenge. The two that are initially rivals but end up creating an alliance to bring the organisers to justice. If you are looking for a movie to cheer you and your family up, this is definitely one for the books.

2. The Blank Cheque

5 Christmas Movies to catch this Festive Season 4 MUGIBSON

What would you ever do in case a very wealthy person handed you a hand signed cheque, with a provision of you fill in any amount of your choice? So was the story of Preston Waters in the movie ‘Blank Cheque’. This particular movie covers a story of a young boy who inadvertently gains possession of a cheque of a million dollars, which he proceeds to spend lavishly. Just picture being only twelve (12) years of age and having all this cash to yourself. This movie really made it for me in my childhood and highly recommend it, if you want to get a balance of action, coupled with a feel of comedy.

Now that you have come this far, allow me bless you with my number one.

1. The Grinch

5 Christmas Movies to catch this Festive Season 5 MUGIBSON

Tagged as a kid friendly, funny, heartwarming, touching, hilarious, colourful; The Grinch is a 2018 animated feature film by Dr. Seuss, that samples the 1957 classic (How The Grinch Stole Christmas) by Director Chuck Jones about a mean, green, Christmas hating character who stole the joy of Christmas from everybody in Whoville. Deriving his misery from seeing everyone happy and very much anticipating the arrival of Santa. We see a very anger consumed Grinch hunching a plan to steal the joy of the season from the people. He plans on disguising himself as the jolly bearded man and steal everyone’s presents as they are asleep on Christmas Eve. We see the character go from being wretched, grumpy, very miserable and in the latter part of it all ending up happy and feeling loved because he later learns and appreciates Christmas and its true meaning.
At the end of it all, the take away from The Grinch is that ‘Christmas is not just about presents, gifts and merry but rather love, sharing and spreading kindness, because that’s all the world is lacking and needs.

Do not forget to spread the love and the cheer. Merry Christmas and a happy new year people. Mugibson is out.