Well growing up, and even at school, we were always taught that ‘time is money’ and how you choose to spend yours would show how much you value what you do, yourself, or the other persons involved. As an excited student in my senior one class, my physics teacher told us something about S.I units; and that the one for Time was ‘Seconds’. With more studying, I’d later find out that an hour had 60 minutes, of which each minute had in it a total of 60 seconds making it 3,600 seconds in an hour; and 86,400 of them a day which is equivalent to 24Hours.

Where do I find the deep-rooted inspiration to write about this? About Time? I like to look at TIME in different lenses of focus: and here’s the 1st:

According to most motivational speakers, and sometimes societies or even ourselves, we often bully ourselves with the ‘Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey’, Bill Gates’ or any other famous rich celebrity all have the same 24Hours just as you, what is stopping you from being as successful as them. I will not talk much about this, but all I can refer to you is my article on comparison and also the need not to check all the boxes of life; in other words, the need not to rush your life goals basing on others’ walks of life.

Today’s main focus is on Angle number 2 though:

As of the period, I am penning this article, we are amidst a pandemic. This means that most of our plans might have been jeopardized by it; most especially if you are a person who’s into the social life of hanging out a lot with friends, are a travel enthusiast, student, employed individual or even entrepreneur; we gotta agree this thing has somehow affected our 2020 plans and how we run our everyday lives of late.

Don’t know how this might come off, but I do feel like we have had ENOUGH of the whining. Whining about how corona virus has ruined 2020 for us, our resolutions; be it travel, finish up school, or even thrive at business. You know why? Because the virus does not seem like it wants to release us any time soon. Meaning that we might have to live this way; a life of staying home, sanitizing, face masks and social distancing for a little longer. However, this does not mean remaining buried in self-pity, and regret about how 2020 could have been y(o)ur year but rather fit into the new normal for now. I mean, the entertainment industry has already adjusted with ease; with the rise in the number of online concerts, live mixing sets, zoom meetings and telecommuting among those in the working-class category. I do wish to bring to your light that it’s never too late to catch up on your plans for the year, dear reader.

We are in one of the greatest eras in human history. Like, we have the internet, smartphones, social media, all at our disposal. So, if you are to look at the flip side of the story, you can actually do a great deal of learning some new how-to’s online, or even polish an already existing skill you already had within this corona time. Alternatively, you could consider becoming a content creator wherever.  I know of a couple of friends who are actually doing some incredible things for themselves so as to make good use of this lock down; I know one who begun an Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator class and as of now is doing his small small graphics designing gigs. Another dived into music production and has so far made some beats. Other peers of mine have ventured into vlogging (creating YouTube content and uploading to their channels), and in the same vein others have used this opportunity to learn how to cake, make crafts etc. There’s like a ton of activities to engage in, so you kind of help yourself stay sane dear reader. This right here is the best time you could ever ask for to get in shape and do some workouts if that was something you would have struggled with in the former normal because of the busy schedule. And now with physical school on pause, you could take off this time to study a free/paid course about anything. Photography maybe. Or learn a new recipe, how to do interior design, name it. Because why not? We have all the time in the world, and resources such as the internet and what its got to offer.


To be honest with you, I for one, one thing keeping me preoccupied is blogging and publishing articles plus my podcast because instead of my mind being clogged onto frustration as to why COVID has ruined a greater part of my 2020 in terms of school and spending quality time with friends, it is busy focused on coming up with ideas of what to review next, write about for my dear devoted readers and stuff. That’s my escape. What’s yours?

You could go through some of my recommendations I did suggest on the activities you can do to keep busy and preoccupied during these unprecedented times. Pitbull in his song with Christina Aguilera called ‘Feel this moment’ sang, ‘Time is money, only difference is; I own it. Now let’s stop time and enjoy this moment’. So, I wish to conclude by reminding you that The TIME is NOW, make as much use of it as you can!!