These gifts will make your partner’s heart sing! 😉

Does your significant other identify as a melophile? Wiktionary describes a melophile as someone who loves music. With it being literally a few hours until Valentine’s Day, the idea remains how best you can express your love and affection for your significant other — in a way that they will find thoughtful.

I for one believe gifting someone with an item or experience around something they genuinely and fully enjoy or are part of their life really comes off as thoughtful, fascinating and exciting at the same time. Look at it from the angle of, say you have a friend who is into superhero stuff and on one of their special days, you gift them a collection of comic books; see how even in your imagine your face is already lighting up with “Awww” and happiness, that is how exactly they will feel.

As a way of going over/ above and beyond to celebrate your partner/ significant other, if they are lovers of music, you are in luck for I am about to break down a couple of gift ideas that I know will be a perfect expression of your adoration to them:

Apple New Apple AirPods Pro

Getting your partner a pair of AirPods will make listening to music ~ the on-the-go~ so much easier. They’re lightweight and have top-notch sound quality. This comes off even more thoughtful if they are in your person’s favorite color.

Music Events Tickets

One thing or feeling we can all agree on is that nothing compares to experiencing your favorite song/artist perform live. So, you can choose to buy them tickets to a show to watch their favorite artist or tour venue. However, gifting concert tickets is a bit of a gamble due to scheduling, so how about you give a Ticketing gift card to the love of your life instead? That way, your music-loving someone can choose the concert time and place that works best for them.

A Playlist

Creating a well-curated collection of songs is one underrated yet pocket-friendly gift that many may overlook, but I do highly recommend making your significant other a playlist; it could contain songs by their favorite artists/ band or group of songs that define you two’s relationship. When carefully created, a playlist has the potential to also solidify what the two of you have going on.

Keys/ Music Note Bracelet

This is another adorable gift idea; for it the gift just doesn’t only work as an excellent accessory but also serves as a fashionable reminder about your partner’s love for music.

A Bluetooth-Speaker

Wait, your partner doesn’t have a portable speaker? Hook them up with this sleek little device. It might be small, but don’t underestimate its power! These are usually made with volume that is next-level and a whopping long-lasting battery life.

Music Card Game

Mix a boozy card game with trivia involving a music card game and they’re in for a fun time! Excellent for times of socializing with your friends as a couple, or any other form of gathering that has a minimal number of participants.  

Is there any gift idea you feel I have left out? Do comment it/ them below. A Happy and cheerful Valentine’s Day to all who celebrate.