Visionary social entrepreneur Milly Nassolo, has officially launched the Maisha Holistic Africa Foundation, a transformative initiative addressing critical challenges faced by women and children in Kagadi District. The NGO, unveiled on April 17, 2019, finds its roots in Kyenzige Village, aiming to uplift the community’s well-being.

Milly Nassolo, a 25-year-old lawyer, discovered her life’s calling during a poignant experience in Kagadi District. Witnessing women succumbing to preventable issues due to a lack of basic healthcare items stirred Nassolo into action, leading to the establishment of the Maisha Holistic Africa Foundation. This initiative is crafted not only to alleviate poverty but also to meet the diverse needs of the community.

The foundation’s launch event in Kyenzige Village marked the initiation of a transformative chapter for Kagadi District. Milly Nassolo, alongside her husband Robert Kikomeko, presented a vision committed to making a lasting impact on the lives of women, children, and youth in the region.

With a holistic approach, the Maisha Holistic Africa Foundation endeavors to enhance the health, social, economic, and spiritual well-being of the community. Initially focusing on educational support, Nassolo and Kikomeko paid school fees for 15 orphaned children. Over time, the foundation has evolved into a comprehensive entity, offering education, training on farming practices, support for justice-seeking individuals, and initiatives promoting women’s empowerment.

One notable project is the provision of “maama kits” to 412 women in Kyenzige village, addressing critical healthcare needs. Nassolo’s visionary outlook extends to establishing a vocational secondary school, a health facility, a medical institute, and a factory producing essential items for girls in Kagadi District.