Victor Ruz yesterday scored his first ambassadorial deal. The Kikomando singer who has been around, and been taking Uganda by storm with his soothing artistry is now the face of the Dalausi Juice soft drink.

Sharing the exciting news on social, Victor wrote:

Instagram post as shared by Victor Ruz

Victor Ruz is one of the artists that have defied the odds and kept standing all through the lockdown with almost all his songs coming through from the time period including ‘Love Legend’ which was released earlier but picked up during the lockdown, ‘Kikomando’, and my other personal favorite ‘Ndeese Love’ which were dropped right in the middle of the tighter lockdown and his latest ‘Official’ which is picking up very fast. This could be the credit that earned the Jinja Boy the deal.

Dalausi Juice has become a household name when it comes to events around town and can easily be cited at events have with tables labeled Dalausi Juice; more so introduction or Wedding ceremonies.

Dalausi Juice - Parties and Events
A set up of Dalausi Juice at an Event (Picture: Courtesy)

Congratulations Ruz! You and Dalausi Juice are now OFFICIAL! 😎 hope you see what i did there. 😉