Where I Come From

Listen to the sounds; the sounds of the birds, the animals, the winds, and the waters all around us. Feel the sunrise- its freshness on these soils of loam, where our ancestors souls roam. We still see them through our names, acts, scars, and our own look. In my land, we kneel and gladly thank the gods of our land for our own work. That’s who we are, and what we will always be. We are proud of our simple efforts and smile bravely for our own works.

I see all around me happy faces that bring me tingle and wish for every happy face to last forever. simple stories of old are told to date with bright joy; these stories are told with evidence of scars, art makings, and our beautiful children’s names. This is the home, our home where we write our own scripts on our skins and hearts as beauty marks to what we have been through. We boldly stand and act witness of our ancestral sacrifices.

We don’t woe in fight, for even when we were slaves we bravely sang and wished well, like one who planned to be free. We kept our eyes low and held our breath to tame our own tears because we had to learn things the hard way due to the call to be free as the weaver bird sang. When we failed our hearts were in pain but we stood next to each other just to hold each other’s broken heart pieces. But later, stitched them with gold as the reward when we were free.

Gather around and let me tell you more of us; more about where I come from of  which you call woods but are our lovely homes. Besides our God, we cried for things worth and not . And we know that He too is proud of our simple successes. We thank God for the many times, more than our hands can count that he has saved us from death, as we work for more victories.

Maybe we like talking too much about ourselves but pardon us. If our ways make you think we need your attention, then forgive us not, this is the difference we have. That we are proud of our every simple success, I mean every simple success like when our beautiful children learn to crawl and when they learn to rid a bicycle, these, their simple attributes mean everything. This is where I come from, and if you can survive the battles we have been through, then welcome home.

Guest Written by: Nanteza Doreen & Musema Edmond