Read a quote last week that said that “do not wait for things to get better. Life will always be complicated. Learn to be happy right now, otherwise you’ll run out if time.” I felt that. I also did see another that said that “You do not have to be rich to be happy, because happiness is free”. The third and final quote about happiness I also did come across stated that ” you do not have to have everything you need to be happy, you just have to be happy, and content with what you have at the moment, because that is ALL you need. Not that it is bad to dream or aim higher, but if its going to steal your joy away from you and cause you not to appreciate what you have before your eyes and with you, then I suggest you drop it.

But well that’s not why I wrote this article. Am writing hoping to speak to someone out there, maybe shine a light to a soul or two that could need to hear this. You know how we all constantly struggle with our day to day routines, in that we barely get time to even enjoy some special moments in between, all because we are simply in a rush to get done with one task and onto the next and the next and the next. More often than not, we forget to live in the moment but rather long to finish whatever task or level we are at already; hoping it’ll set us free, it will bring us happiness, having achieved from its results or even the feeling of having finished it? That is what I call “postponing happiness” reason being that, in the in between of executing those tasks, there are usually key players you interact with along the way, say a workmate, your taxi guy or cyclist, or even friend, so because you are too focused on completing the task with immediate urgency, you might find yourself missing out on a great conversation with them because your mind is not there. Your scare might be that you’ll lose focus on achieving or delivering and meeting whatever target you had planned to but at the end of the day it is these in between moments that really matter actually than the actual feeling of completion or accomplishment or completion. Because you see, the joy of finishing your task much as it matters, but a conversation about how your desk mate at works’ 1 year old took their baby steps would carry and weigh more emotional sense, right? these are the moments that truly count. You know why? Because they do not happen every day. But your tasks will continue coming in, with more being assigned to you. All am saying is, amidst your attempt to accomplish tasks, do not forget to LIVE a little.

You know how we also constantly hope our completion of one level or stage will be just it. And that after we are through with it we shall finally be happy and free? Let me give you a live example we all can relate to. Remember when we were in primary school and couldn’t wait to get through with? Because we were admiring our seniors in secondary school, their life, the fact they were allowed to put on trousers, looked cool and all, only for us to reach there and we longed to join Advanced level of secondary education where we would do only three subjects instead of the traditional ten we were doing in the lower level. Only to get there and its actually tougher there. With trying to balance each subject with its papers. But regardless we moved, praying for the day we reach campus/ university because our teachers seemingly made it look like campus is where we shall be free of suffering with books, worrying about grades, and shall most of our time chilling and enjoying life and all. But guess what it isn’t a garden of roses like they told us it would be. Of course, as am talking now, many students just can’t wait for the day they graduate.

But again, remember there’s the pain of looking for employment, since few are lucky to become self employed after studying. And even after having gotten a job, a good well-paying job of their dreams, there’ll be the hustle of finding a marriage partner hoping in them we will fill the void, and yes, we eventually find them, they make us happy but after a certain time, life will become empty again and as a couple, you’ll decide to maybe have a child or two. These kids will bring you joy, and you constantly tell yourself that you’ll be happy when they grow up and finally leave home because they constantly bring too much trouble, different challenges and all. So, you tell yourself you’ll be at peace and happy when they finally grow up, study get good jobs and are happy. And then you too will be happy. Guess what? Of course, you’ll be happy. But for a while. And then the anxiety will kick in, of worrying about your children have found the right marriage partner for themselves, whether they are happy at their places of work and that their bosses treats them right. See? There’s never going to be a perfect moment to be happy. The key to unlocking what has been blocking you from being your happy self or embracing and unleashing your happy side is “LIVE FOR NOW”. Live in the moment. Am not saying it is wrong to worry about the things and the people you love, but remember to also consider yourself, be kind to yourself. Embrace the moments as they happen. Tomorrow will worry about itself. Because if you do wait for perfect moments to be truly happy, I am sorry to be the one to break it to you, but you’ll never be happy.

A blessing flow towards you and your loved ones Dear Reader.
I remain yours truly,