Zulitums has officially returned!

Right on time, Uganda’s Afro- RnB superhero Zulitums, born Sam Ssemwogerere has broken his musical silence and released a brand new track this Friday morning titled ‘Personal’; the first cut since his sultry highly acclaimed 2021 single ‘Oluvannyuma’.

Written and produced by Zulitums, ‘Personal’ serves as the ‘Counting On You’ singer’s very first release of 2022, and it finds him reassuring his love interest that this love thing he feels for her is rather personal and that she is his personal person.

The reason I’d said this release was right on time was that I had nearly tweeted this week that someone at Blacq Avy Records should just leak for us this talent’s album 😂 because it feels like we’ve waited for it like forever.. 😞

Thankfully, that very day, he announced new music would be out, and ‘Personal’ was its title; and as a track, it is one of the records expected to feature on there once the album arrives.

Like most Zulitums songs, it has that signature sound, that you can hear from his past projects like Maro’s ‘Anjagala’. Hopefully, you do recall that Zuli is a music record producer turned singer, and he has since released an album ‘Invictus’ which arrived in November 2020; birthing a couple of hits.

If history is to repeat itself, this new track is the start of a journey leading up to Zulitums’ new album rollout. Let’s wait and see if that’s the case. Until then, enjoy ‘Personal’ that’s out now and streaming on all digital music streaming and downloading platforms here and share your thoughts.