The most recently concluded Jameson Hangout proved that Uganda was WURLD’s world and we were just living in it.

The first and foremost impressing element of Sadiq Onifade who is popularly known as WurlD’s performance was his timekeeping. The “SADE” crooner was on stage at the tick of 11 PM. Clad in all white, and his signature tinted hair and donning shades, he opened his captivating performance with “EGO (Nobody Wins)”.

The Afrobeat, soul, and R&B sensation’s smooth soul-stirring vocals, melodies and powerful stage presence, and infectious energy reveled in the electrifying performance took the audience on a musical journey they would not soon forget when he then went on to perform “SADE”, “Sweet in the Middle”, amapiano infused “STAMINA”, and the fan favorite “MAD” to which revelers at the open-air venue sang along word for word. He also teased us with his soon-to-be-released single “LOCATION” and I do trust you’ll fall in love with it whenever it drops. It’s a certified banger from the get-go.

In hours leading up to WURLD’s performance, attendees had thronged the venue as early as 4 Pm. Unlike before and experimenting with its venue unlike the usual Design Hub and MOTIV, Jameson Hangout took place at the Ndere Cultural Center in Kisasi.

Having been set up in an outdoor venue that is known per its name, attendees were treated to an array of exciting card games that catered to enthusiasts of all skill levels. Games like Foosball, Jenga, playing cards, and mini Golf. These not only provided a thrilling atmosphere and an opportunity for participants to engage in friendly competition while savoring Jameson’s signature cocktails, and BBQ, but also meet new people, as united by their shared love for music, and the joy of connecting with others, just like is the concept: Jameson and Friends.

Adjacent to the gaming area, and sitting areas were various dedicated space for revelers to unleash their creativity through portrait painting, get their faces painted, and a marketplace to showcase jewelry, handmade pieces, makeup, and much more, not forgetting the stellar Jameson Photobooth that was set up, and if you are an ardent social media user, you could have come across very stunning photographs taken at the Jameson Hangout with a light green feel on them.

Prior to the performances at the Jameson Hangout Extravaganza, the atmosphere was already buzzed with excitement and good vibrations thanks to the host of the show Sheila Salta, an entertaining music mixing set by DJ Tony, an exotic Afro-House set by DJ Chapat together with Alfankodee hence enabling the event take shape.

Among the many exciting things to happen at the Jameson Hangout was Akeine who serenaded us with “Mpumuza”, plus “Correct”, and “Uninspired” as lifted off her self-titled EP. DJ Kasbaby then took over the decks with a sweet set that had revelers grooving.

The air pulsated with energy as DJ Alza took over, following back-to-back hit performances by Rickman Manrick that included his chart-topping joint effort with An-known “Cinderella”, “Naki”, “Bango”, and “Peaky Blinders”. He was later joined by Likkle Bangi.

Thereafter was a skillfully curated band rendition of African and local songs by the Legendary Janzi Band. These seamlessly transitioned between genres, keeping the crowd engaged and the energy high. The very final entertainer of the night was the Amapiano maestro DJ Vanss.

Jameson Hangout registered resounding success in that the venue was SOLD OUT by half-past ten o’clock. The event happens every last Saturday of every month. So in case you missed out last weekend, do look out for the upcoming editions.

Organized by Jameson EA and Talent Africa, the most recent Jameson Hangout once again proved Jameson’s dedication to creating extraordinary moments that bring people together, leaving a lasting and incredible mark on the hearts of all those in attendance, an impression that left many of those who attended yearning for more, with some social media users suggesting next time it is taken to an even bigger venue for an ever more splendid experience.