Today, violence against women and girls is one of the most widespread and devastating human rights violations happening in the world. Despite various efforts put in place to address it, in Uganda, the vice persists with 56% of women experiencing spousal violence and 22% sexual violence according to the 2016 Uganda Demographic Household Survey.

Harmful and degrading practices such as child marriage and female genital mutilation still persist in many parts of the country.

In response to the 2018 National Violence Against Children Survey, one in four girls and one in 10 boys reported having experienced sexual violence in the 12 months prior.

According to the DRDIP assessment, the most common causes of violence against women and children in hosting and refugee communities, include poverty, substance abuse, discriminatory gender roles, and widespread acceptance of violence, which are reinforced by social norms. Physical violence, for example, is a widely accepted form of “disciplining” women and children. School violence and the absence of child-friendly and accessible services for reporting and responding to violence against children further increases the risk for boys and girls.


To address these vices, the Amani Foundation in partnership with Sister’s Keeper and Nyonga Women’s Center among others are launching #AHelpingHand campaign to pool resources for victims of Gender-Based Violence at the two women’s shelters during this festive period.

Sister’s Keeper and Nyonga Women’s Center are two facilities that have attempted to bridge this service gap, acting as a physical refuge for victims of Gender-Based Violence. The shelters also offer therapeutic counselling and legal aid, while looking to impact the surrounding communities with efforts targeting behavioral change.

#AHelpingHand is all-inclusive and works to impact attitudes towards Gender-Based Violence, thus having a behavioral change component. Its inclusive nature involves awareness and engagement between individuals as well as the corporate community, donations in form of cash, kind, as well as in service provision. The immediacy of this initiative implies that every small contribution counts.

What is Needed?

Mattresses, Clothes, Foodstuff, Scholastic materials, Toys, Sanitary towels, plus Toiletries like, lotions & Vaseline, Soap, Sanitizers and masks, Diapers, Art supplies, Blankets, and Bedsheets.

How to Get Involved

All contributions are welcome. Deliver yours to Luxuriate Lifestyle Salon & Spa, Ntinda Semawata Rd or send monetary contributions to Ahumuza Patience on +256 782 724 724, or Mulungi Faith on +256 704 886 433. Thank you. 😊

Article originally featured on Hire The Youth.