Today A Pass (the GOAT, acronym for ‘Greatest of All Time’) has finally delivered his 3rd studio album. ‘BAGONZA” which happens to be his newest offering comes at a very calculated and intentional time as the ‘Wuuyo’ singer marks a decade of being active in the music industry, as a recording artist, producer, singer, song writer and writer. 

After nearly five years in the recording, multiple set backs, and a tedious selection exercise of which tracks to include on the LP and which ones to save for later, the body of work has arrived on music streaming platforms now. 

Quite a number of facts make this album unique as A Pass and the team that put it together shared at the open invite/ walk in listening party of the album that was held on January 30 at The Villa in Bukoto. 

Across all 42 tracks, A Pass navigates the various forms of love, from unrequited love to lust, making love, infatuation, obsession, and emotions such as regret, self belief, among others.

As we all know him, “BAGONZA” sees him leave no stone unturned when it comes to the bars/ verses on there, living up to the momentum prior promo releases like ‘Nkwagala’, ‘Abantu’, and ‘Sida Mukyalo’ and the rest set.

Before attendees who were made up of media personalities, fans, fellow singers, producers, and the general crowd could delve into the gist of the album, he revealed that the title for the album is self titled, because it defines who he is, is authentically him, and that the LP is inspired by love, for he himself is love, his fans love him and he loves them back, furthering that there is indeed no emotion stronger than L.O.V.E. 

“Initially, the album was meant to be a Bedroom album, but then I decided to turn it around into a general love album, for it has the various elements of love to it.”, further remarked A Pass as he introduced his latest body of work to the people at the event.

Sir Dan Magic, who was one of the pioneer producers of the project in a few remarks shared that, they recorded so much music, a total of 100 songs to be exact, and a decision was later reached to tone them down to 42. 

Commenting on Song Number 2 ‘LIKE RONALDO’, A Pass’ admiration for the former Real Madrid striker’s hardworkinspired this track. On it, AP also alludes to how CR7 has never won Ballon d’Or but of course he keeping at kicking it.This record was produced by AYZ.

Just like its title ‘TRUE STORY’, on it A Pass goes down memory lane to share an ordeal of his once short livedrelationship. If my memory serves me right, it lasted about six days according to his narration. This song just like a bunch more on the project was produced by Tryton. According to A P, the two (him and Tryton) never got to be in the same geographical area and only got to work virtually, with one sending beats to the other and the other vocals, till the project was through with. 

This next record is rather close to A Pass’ heart as he recorded it a time which was among his most vulnerable moments, the time his father had been admitted to hospital and he had just been released. The track is by the title ‘TURN ME ON’, though he likes to refer to it as “DAD’s SONG” for it is also his papa’s standout song on the album. 

Following in closely is ‘BAD AND BAD’. The story to this particular number was that he recorded it right after his sister and manager Maureen’s wedding. 

Regret, regret and more regret is what track 6 ‘I WISH’, screams as A Pass get apologetic to a love interest he lost, reminiscing about what he could have done better to keep his girl and him from breaking up in terms of treating and affection.

On ‘TOUCH YOU DOWN’ which happens the very first collaboration on the album, A Pass reconnects with Ceee for this sensational sensual record and yeah, definitely one to make babies to. TYD lowkey gives me vibes of Kelly Rowland and Lil Wayne’s ‘ICE’, in terms of artist chemistry on both records. 

Written to carry a message to his future love interest is track 11, I DON’T DESERVE’. ‘COMING HOME’ on which frequent collaborator Likke Bangi follows closely, and it as sensual as can be., I mean, you can tell from the onset, (the jam’s title). 

Akeine was A Pass last add to the album, but their effortless blend to make ‘I SEE YOU’ is one we are really glad it got to happen.

‘MY DREAM’ is another ordeal of an embattled A Pass who sings of unrequited love, for it is only in his dreams where it is the closest he can get to this particular fine babe, and that he doesn’t wish to wake up, for if he does, the dream vanishes and so he cant get close to her. If you listened to AFRICAN YAYo the album, this record sounds close to ‘NKAABA’. 

Song number 15, ‘DOING IT’ is a straight up whine collecting record, or like its commonly referred to as ‘Nyigos’. 

Alina Jah, the other and only lady we get to hear on the project appears on ‘BAMBOO’, as well as on song number 19 ‘GWE BULAMU’, a song that A Pass said was initially meant to be a gospel song but he then decided to take a different direction. After a couple of listens in, something tells me, he must recorded it around the time he did ‘NKWAGALA’, basing on the piano chord progression, and how very intimate, very personal and heartfelt it sounds.

‘NAKUPENDA’ which loosely from Swahili to mean ‘I Love You’ is the oldest song to make it to the album. The track was meant to be on A Pass’ first ever album ‘Nva Kampala’ in 2016 but it couldn’t fit, and so he decided to honor his creative direction, kept the song and has released it on his 3rd. to this cause, the ‘Guli Wano’ singer advised fellow artists to resect their art and not just release music for the sake of releasing but rather put out quality work, so they can create timeless music. 

While speaking at the album listening party, A Pass also used the opportunity to give Baru Beatz his flowers for the incredible work he’s done with him over the years, but mostly on this album cuz mixing and mastering 42 songs is no joke, for its take over a year in the making. 

A Pass then invited his visual artist Hatmax to stage to break down the creative process of how they came up with the album artwork for the ‘BAGONZA’ album, of which, A Pass also encouraged fellow artists to embrace digital art and leave the traditional way of using pictures for album artwork. 

The night of the listening party was culminated in an auction of the physical portraits of the few A Pass past album artwork portraits and souvenirs as well as a performance of his classics ‘MUMMY’, ‘ABANTU’, and ‘TULI KUBIGERE’ among others with the JANZI BAND. 

‘BAGONZA’ the album is out now. Stream it everywhere here.