Thriving on minimalism, using spartan arrangements to intensify her wonderful sense of world-building, Aida Vee further showcased her versatility with her two most recent releases ‘Coco Plus Vanilla’ and ‘Money Monday’ (Amapiano).

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Aida Vee is hardly a new artist in the strict sense of the word, but she could be new to your music radar and I am more than glad to have discovered her music online.

Born in Kawempe, a suburb in Kampala, Uganda but now based in Boston, Aida Victoria Nakityo, who goes by the stage name Aida Vee carries remarkable power in her musical style; and it is deeply rooted in a penchant for emotion-shifting melody.

‘Coco Plus Vanilla’ and ‘Money Monday’ follow her 2022 self-introductory EP “Komawo”. Whereas that project was a magical re-introduction as a songbird to watch this year, her two singles serve as a reinstatement to the steps she had already taken on her stardom journey.

For instance, ‘Coco Plus Vanilla’. This track highlights the theme of interracial love (love between inter-skin-toned individuals). Its production was handed by Rockie from Hills and Vines Studio in Boston. He also worked the magic on ‘Wololo Mwai’. The record is highly percussive and we hear Vee’s vocals make a perfect blend with the rather laid-back beat; leaving you with an incredible impact. Aida Vee commits herself to her other half saying she’ll be the coco to his vanilla and sings of her desire for him. Have a listen to ‘Coco Plus Vanilla’ here:

Because Ugandans are a party-loving nation. Aida Vee didn’t hold back at blessing them with a party starter of a banger in ‘Money Monday’ (Amapiano). The groovy amapiano-infused track was produced by Boris Kintu, with contributions from Jaay Layte, a Nigerian producer who is also based in Boston. On it, Aida Vee calls out those who owe her her money to pay her, as she has bills and responsibilities to sort and so they should give her what’s her.

Watch the ‘Money Monday (Amapiano)’ by Aida Vee below:

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