A few months after tying the knot in a traditional introduction ceremony, locally referred to as ‘kukyala’, the two; – Daddy Andre and Nina Roz have continued to not only be a power couple, but also complement each other musically.

Having been both signees to Black Market Records, the internet was quick to terms singers Nina Roz and Daddy Andre’s photos of the ceremony as a promotional/ marketing stunt for their newly released single ‘Nangana’ and were most probably on a shoot for its music video then.

Daddy Andre
Daddy Andre (Picture: Mdundo.com)

Andre has been a long-term music collaborator of Nina Nankunda, also professionally known as Nina Roz, and has produced/ written songs for her such as ‘Omuliro’, ‘Kyoyooyo’, and recently ‘Billboard (Kipande)’; a personal favorite by the way. On ‘Nangana’, both acts combined efforts as singers; and we hear them complementing each other’s music styles.

The accompanying lyrics video for ‘Nangana’ was dropped last month; November and last night, the music video a directed by Heights Montage was rolled out. Shot in  It was a very colorful one I must say.

For a musical year, Daddy Andre unveiled an EP during lockdown, which birthed hit single ‘Tugende Mu Church’, and Nina on the other hand had a couple of projects out; such as her March release ‘Ntinka Nkutinke’, among others. they last week once again linked up on ‘Andele‘.

The video currently stands at 37,000+ views. In case, you are loving this track as much as i do, be sure to Stream the single here, and also, the ‘Nangana’ music video below: