She heard those voices feminine of course,

At the beams of her house that morning,

Her body honeyed with myrrh into a passage of so called “woman hood”.

Putting her safety in blind faith – psshhhh…….

Barbarian culture.

Next girl they called – her body stood lifeless,

The old woman soothingly luring her into the hut,

A hole dug in the deep of the earth with herbs to kill the excruciating pain.

We are preserving you for marriage, keeping down your sexual urge.

Don’t you want to enhance your man’s sexual appeal and pleasure??? This bullshit.

Of course at the expense of violating and dehumanised her.

Tired down, hands behind the back like a threat to society.

Legs held still to the earth, eyes blinded.

Labia sitting on the razor, she is ashamed her ancestors passed on this curse.

Blood oozing like the Niagara flows another wonder of pain and cruelty.

You are an attractive woman now her perpetrators grin and chuckle

Perineal tears? Argghh their concern is none, her heart is crushed.

Her emotions torn and forever her mental health tormented

By this monstrous act you gladfully call culture and a charm to the sun.

Absolute garbage.

Poem by Okello Hudson; an aiming philanthropist and against all forms of prejudice. Check him out on Twitter.