Namagembe oliwa, Ngoludeyo nyo eyo gyoli’, and ‘Ahh njagala omuwala oli; ye Nakatudde’, goes the lyrics to Ugandan roots reggae musician David Amon Ssemanda Ssematimba alias Madoxx Ssemanda Sematimba’s ‘Namagembe’ and ‘Nakatudde’ singles. Well, at the mention of Madoxx’s name, if these aren’t the first two songs to come to your mind, then you aren’t Ugandan enough.

Picking on from the spirited heat the Club Beatz at Home fortnight online show of last week but one where Spice Diana and Dre Cali put on such a show on the Club Pilsener sponsored concert, this weekend’s seems to be yet another epic one to anticipate. Here’s why; Ugandan roots reggae musician and legend Madoxx Ssematimba is to be joined by new skool Dancehall empress Karole Kasita, who recently blessed one hella of a hard jam “Balance” on stage.

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Spice Diana (L), Douglas (R) | Courtesy Image
Dre Cali elevates Beatz bar for Spice Diana | Kampala Sun
               Dre Cali

Attributed to as one of the greatest influencers of Ugandan music, Madoxx started releasing music as early as 21, and later taking on arranging, programming, co-mixing and producing all the songs, and eventually dropping his debut album “Tukolagane” in 2000. I must have been two years by then. 😁 Well, this album boasted of a roaster of hits, that have been enjoyed by generations; more so the timeless Reggae ballad ‘Namagembe’. His second album came around in the year 2006 and was by the title ” Abato” and this one had standout title “Nakatudde, among others like ‘Leka Nkulage’, ‘Easy’ and ‘Wansonyi’. The 12-track project, like his very first was well received. His music is unique, and putting someone on the spot to choose a favorite from his many releases would be quite tricky since everyone seems to point at a different song, which all together makes his contribution to the music industry impeccable. Madoxx continues to breathe the hottest Reggae Riddims on the Ugandan scene, with his incredibly unique vocals and strong message in his songs this Saturday 10th October, 2020.

Club Beatz beefs up line up. The legendary Madoxx and Karole Kasita to headline 1 MUGIBSON
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The reggae icon will be in the company of ‘Yaka’ hitmaker and former S & S band singer Karole Kasita, who also featured on season 1 of the show. She’ll be back, to bring the vibes, energy once again, on the most refined sound, lighting and stage Fenon Entertainment sets. ☺  Like the standard procedure is, 9Pm, this Saturday, show will air live on Club Pilsener’s Facebook page and YouTube channel, as hosted by seasoned media personality Douglas Lwanga.

Also, avoid running out of data before/ during the show, by loading some MTN Data, now that the Dabolo offer is back. Tune in then. ✊🏿