If I were tasked to make a list of the top 10 quarantine anthems there’s been, it’d indeed be blasphemous for me not to mention Crysto Panda’s smash hit dancehall single ‘Kyoyina Omanya’.

The singer who also doubles as a TV host on NTV Uganda, seasoned Mcee and events host first hit studio back then in 2018 and made his breakthrough single “Asht” which is a teen slang to mean “Assured”; alongside The Ben and Beenie Gunter. He has since never looked back. He’s gone ahead to release songs like “Kampala Takoma’ and of recent; Kyoyina Omanya’; which he later followed up with a bomb remix version featuring Queen Karma (Sheebah) on 2nd June, 2020.

Crysto Panda and Sheebah out top tier ‘Kyoyina Omanya Remix’ visuals. Watch Here:  1 MUGIBSON
       Crysto Panda

Like my assumption always is as am writing (that there are those of you my readers who could be hearing about a certain brand, product or person for the very first time), so if the name Crysto Panda could be sounding to your ears for the first time. Born Herbert Kityamuweesi. Panda is mainly known for doing his thing as the presenter of NTV TNation and also of recent bringing the same energetic and vibe to the NTV Dance Party with Lyndah on Saturday’s NTV Dance Party alongside Mc Esco. Just like he delivers on TV, the same goes for the music.

Like his discography above states, he’s kept on soaring his position in the music ranks and the latest to add to his streak of hits was Kyoyina Omanya; which went viral hence catching Sheebah’s ear hence coming though and spicing up the remix. We all know the magic the ‘Nkwatako’ singer always brings on table when she hopes on a remix; for instance, remember the ‘Farmer’ remix she did on Ykee Benda’s song back then in 2016 and how far the song went? Yes! Exactly that’s the energy am talking about. She also introduced us to acts such as Beenie Gunter, Grenade, to mention but a few.

The ‘Kyoyina Omanya’ remix maintained the original producer: Artin Pro of Axtra Nation and its length in terms of playtime is as short as before; coming in at 3minutes and 02 seconds.

Crysto Panda and Sheebah out top tier ‘Kyoyina Omanya Remix’ visuals. Watch Here:  2 MUGIBSON
   The artwork for the remix version

I’d say this remix was a match made in heaven as both artists compliment each other on this track. I mean combine Sheebah’s genre versatility and style aggressiveness, and Crysto’s lyrical wordplay. The two did a tremendous job my friend. And just like every good song, an accompanying lyrics video or official music video is always an awe in the waiting. The all tribes of fire tune opens with Sheebah dropping her signature voice, doing the intro immediately the beats hit go, and then Crytso follows suite.

Fast forward to three weeks later, Panda has dropped its video a few hours ago and I must say it is indeed colorful. If I were to compare it, I’d compare it to Khalid’s ‘Talk’ in terms of color and simplicity yet still delivering. Needless to ignore is the chemistry between Crysto and Sheebah. So yeah it’s a track to most definitely add to ‘the keeps of 2020. 🕺💃 The video was directed by Aaronaire on Set and it has already amassed 1.8K views plus. 

Have a watch of the full eye candy music video here: 🔥