Music enthusiasts can look forward to an evening of being serenaded to their all time favorites from Blu*3, on Thursday next week.

Consisting of Lilian Mbabazi, Jackie Chandiru, and Cindy Sanyu, Blu*3 won the hearts of many 14-year-olds thanks to their unique harmonies, lyrics, and captivating stage performances, which saw them churn out hits like “Hitaji”, “Where You Are” (Feat. Radio & Weasel), “Burn”, “Nsanyuka Nawe”, and “Nzijukira,” among others.

The trio had been assembled by Steve Jean, a then-producer and songwriter who is also the founder of Fenon Records and Events. This was after he discovered them from the Coca-Cola Pop Stars, a 2004 talent search. During their remarkable journey, Blu *3 won 2 Peal Of Africa (PAM) Awards, received nominations in the KORA Awards, and Channel O Music Awards. The party didn’t last long as in 2008, each member of the group opted to pursue a solo career. Upon Cindy leaving, she was briefly replaced with Mya, before the group could officially call it quits.

Skyz Hotel Enables Long Overdue Blu*3 Stage Reunion 1 MUGIBSON

On various occasions, the girls have mentioned missing working with each other, and the nostalgia has been mutual on the side of the fans as well, with many netizens manifesting an altogether/ joint Blu*3 performance.

Lilian Mbabazi has since released a string of successful singles like “Danger (Love Letter), Memories (Feat. A Pass), “Dagala”, and most recently “The ONE” EP. In July last year, she teased a potential reunion while posting to her Twitter (X) account, and the comments are all the evidence we need to prove the statement above.

On her end, Jackie Chandiru, famed for hit records like “Agasi”, and “Gold Digger” while in an interview last year, when asked about a potential reunion with Cindy and Lilian Mbabazi remarked: “Anything is possible. We are in talks. I can’t say much because I’ll be spoiling”, but many people would love to see us back together.”

Cindy, the 3rd part of the trio on the other hand in 2019 said that in case said she wouldn’t drag the reunion, and would not be willing to leave behind her band she’s built over the years, neither her solo career behind, but would be open to doing a joint tour, concert or even collaboration with her mates Jackie Chandiru and Lilian Mbabazi. Cindy is best known for singles “Ayokyayokya”, “Boom Party”, “One & Only”, “Pull Up On Mi Bumpa,” among many others.

History is to be made come Thursday, December 14th at The Protea Skyz Hotel as for the first in over a decade, the original Blu*3 will be performing for the very time in a really long time. The news of the stage reunion was broke today on Skyz Hotel socials.

Tickets to the Skyz Exclusive show featuring Blu*3 are going for Ugx 100,000. Do purchase your ticket and anticipate a great night of music and melodies.

Now what we shall be needing is a joint album or at least a couple of new songs from Thee Blu *3, is that too much to ask Lilian, Cindy and Jackie?