In the former normal, we would be most probably be converging at Lugogo Cricket Oval, or maybe one of the Pentecostal churches around town to catch the Live colorful album launch of celebrated gospel singer; John Marie. However, due to the COVID-19 crisis that necessitated social distancing and also a halt on events, plus closure of prayer places, many artists and brands have shifted their efforts and energies to running online concerts, and live shows.

Fezah has been in the business of organizing and putting together online events, even before the pandemic’s take over. They are well known for organizing virtual concerts such as the Bayimba international Festival, the Annual Johnnie Walker Soul- R&B Safari, and Kenneth Mugabi’s Kenneth Mugabi Unplugged show, and the soon to happen Afrigo Band Live online concert next week on 28th June.

All the while people have always asked themselves where’s the financial benefit for artists who hold their concerts virtually on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Well, to be quite honest it’d take a partnership from willing brands or those interested and also donations via mobile money. Now that’s where Fezah comes in from.

Fezah allows you support your local artists directly. The app is a talent booking and market intelligence platform that monitors radio airplay and makes reports to the artist so long as they have an account on its App. In addition to this, Fezah also offers a booking network where artists can host live exceptional shows and be watched by those who able to afford the optimal fee charge.

Afro-beat gospel music sensation John Marie will be taking over the Fezah app tonight as he launches his latest album “Siffe Album”. It promises to be epic and massive.

Fellow gospel acts such as Levixone, Pastor Wilson Bugembe have already come out and voiced their support by calling and inviting each person to purchase their ticket and catch the event that’ll be streaming Live on the Fezah App.

Born Ssengendo John Marie, Marie started music in 2008, releasing albums such as: ‘Newunya’ and singles like ‘Gwaake’, ‘Mukama Mulungi’, ‘Nsima’, “He’s Able” among others. He’s also won various awards for gospel music; for the genres he represents such as ‘Upcoming Male Artist of the Year’ and “Afro-beat song of the year’ in the VIGA Awards. John’s also an audio producer, dancer, multi-instrumentalist, and director at M-One Records where he’s changed the face of the Gospel Music scene in Uganda. John Marie’s musicality is inspired by diverse rich rhythms from the different cultures in Uganda and also genres like reggae, zouk, techno, and rock.

Gospel sensation John Marie to take over Fezah tonight with Siffe Album Launch: 1 MUGIBSON
Marie performing at the Nsimye Festival in 2018

So, that being said and done, the online show is on tonight and will be streaming on the Fezah online platform. To be able to watch, you’ll have to part with only Ugx. 10,000; which is approximately $5. Remember how at the start of this article when I mentioned about Fezah enabling you support your local artist? Well, yes once your payment’s been received, you will be sent a text with a code that you’ll input so as to be able to watch the “Siffe Album Launch” by John Marie Live. Ticket purchase can be made at Mookh (an events ticketing service), online or the traditional way by dialing *252# on your phone, selecting option 4 and then following the prompts. All payments are receivable via Mobile Money.

Checking off his social media, Marie’s really been rehearsing really hard; so best believe it’s goin be worth it. show starts 7PM. Tune in then.

Gospel sensation John Marie to take over Fezah tonight with Siffe Album Launch: 2 MUGIBSON