You and I could both be two cents on the fact that one of the best things to happen during this lock down and unprecedented times is short video sharing app TikTok. This is because the app has seen people creatively use the platform to lip-sync, create short comedy videos, memes and dance their way out of boredom and as a distraction from the dreadful turn of events happening worldwide.

The app has been around for some time, as it was acquired in 2018 by Chinese company ByteDances from its original founders and has since amassed over 2Billion downloads. Thanks to its popularity, and its online advertising efforts. The soaring numbers in downloads have also the pandemic to thank it for as most people at the moment do have lots of spare time on them and therefore keep trying out new stuff including this app that many describe addictive but interesting at the same time. Being that the app is a viral content generator, others find themselves compelled to join the app because they keep seeing interesting videos from the app being shared and therefore wish to get these first hand upon release.

MTN to reward Pulsers in the new Pulse TikTok Challenge. Here’s how to participate: 1 MUGIBSON
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Before the TikTok wave took us as Ugandans by storm, there was its competitor Like which was however outed by the Chinese owned platform. NTV Uganda presenter Lynda Ddane and Comedian Martha Kay were one of the two reigning content creators on TikTok as most of their tiktoks would go viral. How can we mention reigning and going viral and not mention the Tiktok Queen; Azziad Nasenya who I must say greatly fueled the popularity of the app here in East Africa after her lip sync video to Mejja and Femi One’s ‘Utawezana’ shot and spread fast like a wild fire.

Now, because of such amazingly talented content creators, who are making us smile and entertained during these times, MTN Uganda has decided to reward its customers through its brainchild MTN Pulse; a rocking new lifestyle platform that was created for the young people at heart and mind and It’s packed with hot offers, games, dope music and awesome freebies. Now here’s one; especially those who use the TikTok app.

Think of it a more of the brand rewarding you for your 15- 60 seconds of creativity. This has been in a new give away bonanza dubbed the “Pulse TikTok Challenge”. Participation has been limited to the platform TikTok. So, if you are a Pulser out there, and have “No Fear”, here’s how to take part:

Step one: Download the TikTok mobile app, if you do not have it installed already.  It is available on both Android and iOs for Apple users.

Step Two: Record a short clip of yourself doing the “Bintwala” dance challenge. Keeping mind that there are to versions of this song, one by Mun G and the other by Crysto Panda. For this challenge, it’s the Mun G version you are required to use. And in case you haven’t heard a listen of it, watch it here.

Step 3: Having recorded your challenge clip, with Mun G’s ‘Bintwala’ in the background, proceed to post your video on that very platform Tiktok and not anywhere else as doing so will disqualify your participation. Remember, it is called the Pulse TikTok challenge. So, yeah share your video on there, and tag @MTNUG and add the hashtags #MTNPulse and also #PulseTikTokChallenge for a chance to win. In case you do not know how the TikTok app is used, here’s a guide.

What’s at stake?

You could be asking yourself, Anha, after me doing all this, what is in for me? Well, MTN will be doing a weekly giveaway to 4 lucky participants in the challenge. 3GB worth of mobile data or even Ugx. 200,000 in Mobile Money. So, another requirement for legibility is you MUST be an MTN subscriber or user.

For more info: Watch this clip here:

Best of luck to all participants and in case winning passes you by in this challenge/ MTN giveaway opportunity, you can always get yourself some Free MTN data regardless. A blessed Sunday to you all and do remember to stay safe and have #NoFear.