Well, from being a renowned engineer who’s not an engineer, to being the mans who seen more Twitter purges than any one else. I did get to have a one on one with Medard, one mans I’d say is a few steps from having Nile on his baptismal certificate; because his love for that brewer is public knowledge. Let’s dive into it, right away.

  1. Before we even get into this, you Sir, are one of the individuals with the most outstanding Twitter handles: ‘owakiberengye’. How did it come about and what it inspired it?

Owakiberengye comes from my ancestors 😂 Well, I chose it coz I had to use something different from my name after losing two accounts concurrently to the twitter purge.

* Side note (A Twitter purge is basically a week that Twitter usually takes to make major changes to the platform with an aim of cleaning up the spammy elements from the social networking site; which leads to some people losing out some of their followers or even accounts. So, when you open up a new account, but under your former username or something related to that, you are most likely to lose your new account as well.)

Briefly tell us your name and a little bit about yourself. [birth name, what you do, etc.]

Tugume Medard is my name, and I’m a content and digital marketer.

Talking of ‘what you do’, word has it that you are an engineer. Kindly enlighten our readers on your field of expertise.

Engineer yes, studied Automotive and Power Engineering but have hardly practiced it. 💀 Been on the digital marketing wave for a while now.  *remember when I referred to him as an engineer who’s not an engineer. Here’s why. 😂 He has the papers tho, so in case you have any openings be sure to hit him up.

With the coming of the lock down, many of us’ cooking skills were put to test and we saw the rise in the number of real husbands of here and there. We didn’t see you take part. Wagwan?

Lockdown cooking was for everyone, and yes, I took part. Bettered my cooking skills and can’t wait to cook for someone’s daughter someday.

Speaking of cooking/ meals. Would you say you have a favorite dish? And if yes, describe it for us.

I have no particular favorite dish but anything that has meat does it for me, any type of meat. 

Another prominent feat about you sir, is your muchly publicized love for a Nile bottle. You man you love anything Nile especially Nile Special. What is it that makes special from the rest of the beverages out there, that won you over?

Nile special is my beer because it’s the champion beer for champion men. 🍻 Great taste and heights. 😂 It is indeed a great beer I must say.

Tugume and his Nile 😎

*Ad: Meanwhile, you too, can order some for yourself here.

I also do understand that you are an avid social media influencer. How has the journey been?

Digital marketing hasn’t been an easy journey but big thanks to Kamara (who introduced me to the game) and Solomon who’ve kept bringing in business. 👏🏾

What is your favorite digital campaign/ gig you ever worked on and you too felt like yeah this it IT?

All campaigns are unique and it is always a pleasure to deliver, however one of my favorites must have been the breakfast meeting about Metroplex Naalya’s redevelopment back then in June 2019.

Medard, Solomon and Richie, plus Collins at Golden Tulip Hotel at work.

Talking music; Burna Boy or Wizkid?

Burna Boy any day but Wizkid is a mashup in equal measure. I love the music of both. Well as we could argue that the ‘African Giant’ is really good, Starboy is a mood any day as well for sure.

Would you describe yourself as a casual or gentle guy when it comes to what to wear?


Ever travelled kko out of Uganda? And how was your experience like?

Travelled outside Uganda? 💀 the furthest I’ve travelled must be Arua. 😂

Besides the Ludo Star game app, which two apps on your phone would you say take most of your time?

Besides Ludo star, I spend a lot of time on Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. Don’t like playing phone games as much, so Ludo star is just that.

If you were to punch coco with any of these, which would it be? Mirinda Fruity? Stoney? Coca Cola?

Don’t love punching coco but if I had to punch, from the options above, I’d favor Coca Cola.

What’s that one thing you think is really lacking in the music scene here and when improved/ or worked on will take our music right here to greater heights?

The support system of the artistes is lacking, it’s rather fights and unhealthy competition. I always give an example of the DJs, they’ve the best support system in Uganda. If our musicians could emulate a bit of that, our industry would be set.

You are a big fan of the “Real Crowd Pleaza” DJ Ciza. Ever considered a deejaying career. In fact, let’s imagine you ever thought it, what would your DJ name be?

Deejaying as a career? Not at all, but we are getting the equipment for home enjoyments with Dismo.

We have various artists/acts/ groups who have come and perform in Uganda. If you would wish they bring back one. Who would you wish it be?

Major Lazer, Konshens, and Chronixx.

As we come to a close of this interview, here’s a quick brain teaser; what comes twice in a week but once in a year?

Letter e

Well, thank you for the time, sir. It’s been fun having you on today. Any final words to the readers.

Promote yourself, not everyone that laughs with you on the internet is your friend, and also, always make it a point to support your friends’ hustles. It costs you nothing to wish good for others.

If you made it this far, thank you. Be sure to follow Tugume on Twitter, and Instagram to be part of the virtual ‘Enjoyments Crew” and for a good laugh plus great music and mix recommendations. A good day, y’all.