Ever since the smartphone era took off here in Uganda, a lot of innovations have since come into play. From Ugandan created games, platforms and mobile applications. Talking of mobile apps, how can one mention applications and not hint at the likes of SafeBoda, Bolt, and the likes. Well, the latest to join in the pack is the 8 in 1 transit app; Ori Rides.

Introducing Ori Rides, the 8 in 1 Transit App 1 MUGIBSONIntroducing Ori Rides, the 8 in 1 Transit App 1 MUGIBSON

Having first launched in February 2020, the industrial area situated app had started off operations but with the already existing competitors such as those mentioned previously, it’d be tough to break even. However, with the lock down, most automobile business came to a halt not until mid-last month when those with private cars were allowed back on the road. Of course, with restrictions in terms of the number of people per vehicle. Even now, with the reawakening of taxi operation on the road, many Ugandans continue to find face an issue of high fares.

Introducing Ori Rides, the 8 in 1 Transit App 3 MUGIBSON

Now that’s where Ori Rides comes in. First up, you could wonder why I refer to it as a 5 in 1 app. Well, here’s why:

ORI Rides offers a variety of services as follows;

  • Taxi hailing services
  • Ambulance
  • Car rental/ Hire
  • Movers (when shifting)
  • Boda boda
  • Bus services
  • Airport pick and drop as well as
  • Deliveries

Introducing Ori Rides, the 8 in 1 Transit App 4 MUGIBSON


Boasting of over 1,000 downloads, the ORI Rides mobile app is available on  both iOS and Android here, at two levels; the Ori Rides customer app and the Ori Rides Driver app. Your guess is as good as mine. The customer side of the ORI rides app is to be used by users/ commuters and the Drivers’ app is for the drivers to make use of. Here’s how each works:

The ORI Rides Customer side of the app:

Having downloaded the Ori Rides transit mobile app, upon launching the app. As a customer, you are to follow the following steps:

Introducing Ori Rides, the 8 in 1 Transit App 5 MUGIBSON

Step 1: Sign up with your phone number or Facebook account.

Step 2: You are then requested to verify your content by entering the system generated One Time Password (OTP code) sent to your phone. in case the OTP does not come there is an option to resending it (upon request).

In case you signed up using Facebook, Facebook will ask you to verify whether it’s you logging in. Go ahead and confirm.

Step 3: Upon verification your account will be activated immediately. You will then be asked to enter your name and email address. A confirmation message will be sent to your email to verify your email address. Click on the verification link. It is on this very email that you will receive invoice emails, receipts, and additional communication from ORI Rides.

Going forward you will be in position to enter a pickup and drop-off location (normally or by dropping a pin onto the map), view fare estimate, view additional extra pricing if applicable, view estimated time of arrival and the nearest driver and also be able to view actual fare at the end of the trip

Now this means that you can be able to order for a ride to pick and deliver certain things from one place to another without taking the trouble to go there physically.

Introducing Ori Rides, the 8 in 1 Transit App 6 MUGIBSON

Besides this, having an ORI Rides app means having an ambulance on your phone. An ambulance is like insurance service, you never know when you will need one. It could be your ailing relative, pregnant woman, or anyone connected to you. ORI Rides gives you an opportunity to scan through a series of available ambulances and call one whenever need arises.

In brief, the Ori Rides customer app allows you to order for any of the Ori services such as car rental, movers, ambulance operators, bus companies and any other services. The customers are picked at their point of location and dropped at their point of destination. This applies for the motor bikes and other car rental services. The customer can also hire a car through the app. For the Ambulances they can order or an ambulance when you have an emergency and you need to rush a person to the hospital. The customers are then required to pay the drivers or the car renters an agreed fee that is determined from the estimations of the app according to the distance traveled and time taken. This payment is either done through cash or (Mobile Money) cashless transactions.

The Ori Rides Driver side of the app:

Introducing Ori Rides, the 8 in 1 Transit App 7 MUGIBSON

This face of the mobile app allows the driver to register for any of the Ori services such as car rental, movers, ambulance operators, bus companies and any other services. The driver/riders are ordered through app and they pick the customers at their pick up points and drop them at their destinations. They are ordered according to location points and the order drops on a driver who is nearest to the client in that area. This applies for all the service providers including the movers and ambulances. For the car renters, they register to rent out their cars at an agreed fee and when they get a request, they hire out the car according to the agreed terms to the client. The drivers are paid by the customers through cash or any other online payment like mobile money.

The biggest catch in all this is; with ORI, you can make a request for a ride days before your intended departure date. The other has to be that with this app, Women clients have an option to order for a woman driver, and likewise the women drivers registered in the app are to strictly the female clients.

Introducing Ori Rides, the 8 in 1 Transit App 8 MUGIBSON

From the reviews I’ve read off Google Play store, looks like ORI rides is a must-have app. The praises and positive feedback I saw is indeed convincing. Do remember the app is only 18M size and can be downloaded from either app store or better still online at www.orirides.com

Whether, it is with in or anywhere within, around or even outside Kampala; trust ORI to pick you wherever you are and they’ll drop you at you next destination. To add to the simple interface to use, they do offer deliveries, boda boda, cars for hire, they do deliveries as well have mover services in case you wish to shift from your current home or station or office.

Introducing Ori Rides, the 8 in 1 Transit App 9 MUGIBSON

Now you/property/groceries/stationery can easily move from one house/place to another. Whether office or home Ori got you covered. ☺☺☺🚕🚖🚚🚛🚑🛵

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