AUDIO: John Blaq shines on new melodic ‘Mu Lubiri’ tune. Listen Here:

Last month wasn’t as smooth as silk for John I must say.  Why? Well, apparently there was a mini brawl between the singer songwriter and his former management which did not end well. The “Tukwatagane” hit maker in the process lost his social media logins to the management which refrained from handing them back to him; as they were in full control of them at the time.

Despite the fallout, Blaq seems to have moved forward, hence not only opening up new handles on the socials but also putting out new music for us the fans.

Ever since breaking through in 2018, with his critically acclaimed collab with Vinka titled, ‘Sweet Love’, Mr. Kasadha John alias John Blaq, has since blessed us with hit after hit after hit. From ‘Obubadi’, ‘Makanika’, ‘Do Dat’, ‘Nekwatako’ and ‘Romantic’, ‘Hullo’. He once again returns once again and unapologetically churns out a brand new single titled ‘Mu Lubiri’ today 12th June.

Mu Lubiri serves as a follow back to his former collab with Gospel singer Levixone (Blessed) which was released about a month and a half ago. The new single sees Blaq take us through the basics of true love.

Sang in Luganda, the song continues to prove what a great lyricist he is as he reemphasizes that Love is a beautiful feeling, we all deserve to experience at least once in our lifetime.

A “Lubiri” when translated to English means Palace (kingdom), therefore on this tune, we hear John Blaq expresses his desire to be accepted into the love of his life’s Lubiri.

The soft and slow melodic fusion of African instruments and urban beats bring out a soulful scenario as he serenades the love of his life and expresses his feelings as he tries to convince the girl he loves to let him be the man in her life; as he has nothing but undying love for her.

Produced by Big Davie and Mastered by Vtek, John’s new single runs for a total play time of 4 minutes and 15 seconds. It once again reassures us how much of a talent Blaq is. 👏🏿

The song comes as a celebration of true unending love to all the love birds. This he did write in a tweet as he premiered the single’s artwork which is of a crown positioned amid a golden heart with a kingdom in the background. Blaq premiered this artwork yesterday in a tweet as well:

If you were such a huge fan of JB 😁 Okay John Blaq, just like I am, then kindly subscribe to John Blaq’s new YouTube Channel as you enjoy his new single below. Thank you and I do hope you enjoy ‘Mu Lubiri’ as much as I did. 🙏🏾