NBS Television, a brand of Next Media Services, has unveiled a new prime news duo, Canary Mugume and Isabella Tugume.

The duo was unveiled on Monday 2, August 2021 and will now work together to deliver the country’s best English news bulletin.

NBS TV’s prime news bulletin is dubbed ‘‘Live At 9,’’ and airs every day at 9 pm local time.

Isabella Tugume & Canary Mugume Unveiled as New Duo For NBS Prime News Bulletin 1 MUGIBSON
Canary Mugume and Isabella Tugume (Picture: Next Media Services)

Speaking to this website, Next Media Services’ Head of Brand and Communications, Desire Derekford Mugumisa, said this elevation is a testament to the company’s growth over the years.

Mugumisa said, “This has always been a part of the long-term strategy, and we are excited to be in a position to hit such milestones a tad earlier than we had even planned – to be able to use the resources within the team to train and equip our own for the biggest roles around us. We have done this in various management roles already, and it is exciting to see that this is also being evidenced on one of our biggest on-air platforms.”

Mugumisa added that Next Media Services had achieved this through various tactics, including their partnerships with global entities such as BBC, VOA, DW, among others, to train and equip their staff with skills to compete at the top.

Isabella Tugume & Canary Mugume Unveiled as New Duo For NBS Prime News Bulletin 2 MUGIBSON
Canary Mugume in preparation to go on-air (Picture: Next Media Services)

Canary Mugume’s media journey started at Radio West in Mbarara, where he read news tailored for children’s interest, six to thirteen years old.

While at Mbarara Secondary School, Mugume founded the school newspaper and was later given a platform to read the news during the school parade. He has also worked at Channel 44 and served as a trainee at Urban TV.

Mugume joined NBS Television in 2016 and right away started reporting news before he quickly rose to become an investigative journalist. He has also been anchoring the daily bulletin on Coronavirus since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Isabella Tugume & Canary Mugume Unveiled as New Duo For NBS Prime News Bulletin 3 MUGIBSON
Isabella Tugume (Picture: Next Media Services)

Isabella Tugume has also served as a show host, reporter, and news anchor on several NBS Television bulletins before making it as a scheduled news anchor to the station’s prime news bulletin.