Ugandan New Generation singer/songwriter Joshua Baraka has arrived full length music project ‘Baby Steps’.  

Gaining hearts of many with his first ever single ‘Tomorrow’ in 2020, he continues to do so with this new 4-song collection that was recorded over the past one year.

In short, Baby Steps serves as Joshua Baraka’s kickstart into a journey to greatness with this amazing body of work, whose release he announced via social:

With production credits from Raka and zero features, “Baby Steps” portrays Baraka’s first steps to self-acceptance, love, loss and most importantly, being yourself.” Here’s a breakdown of the Extended Play:

Opening track ‘HOW IT FEELS’ is about wishing you didn’t lose someone you did and hoping they were with you but you had to leave them or they left you; a common feeling in our day to day lives.

Baraka shares an open letter to the world asking it to let him be himself on ‘BE ME’. Something we all want to say sometimes but never get the courage to. It’s such an Afro-pop serve!

LET ME LOVE’ exudes the thrill of a love for the one. It is one about asking for love and the budding of happiness through love for a ‘friend’ or anyone at that Building on the mix of chill and energetic beats, Joshua Baraka Croons: ‘You Swept off my feet and I am the fittest’.

The EP closes off with ‘TEWEKWEKA’ (translated to ‘hide not’) imperfect song about imperfections and insecurities, hiding and shying away from greatness and ultimately happiness because we don’t feel enough. My personal favorite on the project.

Joshua Baraka Paints Pictures With Words on Soul Delightful ‘Baby Steps’ Debut EP 1 MUGIBSON
Joshua Baraka (Picture: Mugibson, media)

Given his rich musical background; having had a mother who is a singer. In interview with him, Joshua describes her as a very big inspiration the artist he is growing into. She also exposed him to different forms and variations of rhythm and melody at an early stage.  

Baraka not only plays piano and guitar but writes, sings, produces music too; which altogether he uses to create a unique sound by blending various musical genres. He draws inspiration from music influences Bob Marley, Maurice Kirya, Cory Henry and many more artists and these that have shaped his approach to music.

Running on a total play time of only 10minutes on this project, Baraka is taking ‘Baby Steps’ and wishes to make this world a better place one song at a time with intentional lyrics and catchy melodies.

The fitting debut EP by the young star is available now on all digital music streaming/downloading services via Ssese Nation/ Lobst4r. Take a listen: