We could all agree that much as a song’s good, there’s always that other power, force and push a music video adds to it. Which is why it is always important to accompany an audio, next with a lyrics video or even the music video itself.

Talking of which, Karole Kasita must be one of those artists who understand this principle very well when it comes to the music business and strategy. On 13th May, she dropped the audio of ‘Balance’. She then last week on 12th June announced that the steamy music video to her jam would be coming out this week.

The wait is no more. The video is out now and from the opening scene; it’s all a party mood and good vibes affair. So much skin was on display too; in the creative piece shot indoors.

The brand new colorful “Balance” comes as another ladder and step closer to taking Karole up the ladder the more as she’s one artist who’s been consistent when it comes to the music since breakthrough. Explains why most of her songs receive good airplay and before these times we are in at the moment is/was one of the most booked acts on major events.

Karole Kasita outs colorful ‘Balance’ visuals: Watch Here: 1 MUGIBSON

To keep the energy the audio set, she brought renown video director; Sasha Vybz who directed the music video that has since received over 13,000+ views since upload to Karole’s YouTube channel.

Many who’ll watch the MV will applaud it for its richness in color, fashion and twerking. So much skin on display in the creative piece shot indoors.

In the video, Karole is seen performing to the crowd in a two-piece outfit complemented by a black leather jacket and to dancing in front of a bright colorful background. Karole Kasita also incorporates the ‘#PillowChallenge’ as she prances around in heels and whines on a jaj (Motorcycle) crafted in Kente fabric into her concept. She then thrills us with some Jamaican vibes as the video ends. 🤭

Check out the “Balance” music video here: