Bantu Vibes dual Denesi and Cxnrvd teamed up at the start of this month and put together a joint EP titled “House Drills”. Both artists who have had an eventful first half of the year. Denesi was one of the musicians on the smash hit, “Tip”; whose video came out last week by the way. Cxnrvd was featured on Bangi’s “UDK”. This is on top of their individual singles, “Baddest in the class” by Denesi and Chenkobe, and “Surprise” by Cxnrvd and Dario.

The “House Drills” EP is a three song EP, whose production and mastering was entirely done by Ledra. Ledra demonstrates his versatility by delivering three fire hip hop beats; which is quite remarkable considering that Ledra has already established himself in the dancehall and afrobeats genres, producing for accomplished acts like MAFB, Tucker HD, A Pass, and others.

Denesi and Cxnrvd’s ‘House Drills’ EP.  A review: 1 MUGIBSON
  the tracklist of the ‘House Drills’ EP

On the better part of the project; Denesi sounds as hungry and ambitious as always, with his trademark gruff voice, memorable one liners and catchy ad-libs. Cxnrvd, who in the past has already distinguished himself as a melodious vocalist, also impresses with his delivery as he raps, dropping hard bar after bar throughout the project. They complement each other well and the chemistry is evident.

Pronto” is the best way to kickstart the EP. This could be the song that you listen to straight out of your bed. It has bars on bars on bars. With a heavy hip-hop beat.

We Okay” opens with smooth piano keys and as it goes on does exhibit the talent in this precious and talented dual. It could also let you know that we are all okay and that we surviving. Despite these trying times we are in.

Yoi Yoi” If this is not the song that we shall to celebrate after all this is over, then I don’t know which one will be. In the end these could be the songs to end our days everyday while doing your “house drills.”Denesi and Cxnrvd’s ‘House Drills’ EP.  A review: 2 MUGIBSON

Denesi and CXNRVD’s steamy EP “House Drills” was released under the Bantu Vibes Label group on June 5th, 2020 and has since been streamed over 2,2500 times on audiomack where it was made available online.

Listen and enjoy the great sounds from the Bantu Vibes dual via: 🤙🏾