KHN Music signee Kohen Jaycee has unveiled his much anticipated single ‘What’s Popping?’. This is a follow up to his April 2020 single ‘Tellin Me’ and very much acclaimed 2019 EP; ‘WENA’.

The RnB crooner kicked off this year by releasing the music video for ‘Ndi Nawe’, one song I’ll tell you gives me goosebumps whenever it plays.

Last night, Jaycee announced that ‘What’s Popping?’ would be live and available across all major music streaming/ downloading sites and platforms, after a few days of releasing teasers of the song’s artwork.

‘What’s Popping?’ is an upbeat Afrobeat song that describes a young man, (who in this case is Kohen Jaycee)’s journey to get the girl of his dreams despite her being ideally legions out of his league. He sings quote:

Nkimanyi okimanyi sili kku dala lyo

Ovuga Benz ndi kku boda,

Olya ku Serena ndya wa Mama Mere”

which loosely translates to, (I know you are way of out of my league, you drive a Benz, I do use motorcycles, you dine at Serena, and I in small ordinary food places).

‘What’s Popping? is what one would describe as a fun summer vibe of a track, as it comes along with corny yet catchy lyrics. It was penned down by Kohen Jaycee himself, and the production in term of mixing, mastering and overall executive production executed by Axon; whom if you’d recall produced most parts of Jaycee’ EP: ‘WENA’.

Kohen Jaycee outs new lucid single ‘What’s Popping?’ 1 MUGIBSON
Kohen Jaycee

The single was released under NINYOWE Music/KHN Music record labels. What’s Popping? has a total playtime of a sweet 2minutes and 20 seconds only. Be sure to catch him 30th August on the ‘Blankets and Wine’ (Blankets at Home) Edition. 🤗

Till then, keep streaming the new good stuff from Jaycee here: 😎