If you do listen to FM radio, by now your ears should be familiar with the track “Pata”. It goes like “onsumulula pata (x2), owomelela, nga mugati gwa butter, nga mugati gwa butter, owomelela” are some of the quotable lyrics from it. Well, the voice behind it is Trendsetters’ Lamu. To many of you, her name may sound new to your ears but she’s been around for some time now.

Born Ahlam Ismail, Lamu is a whole packaged all in one young artist; who not only sings, writes, makes films but is also a visionary and entrepreneur. Her passion for music and film is really evident and deeply rooted as she has always loved music and singing but took it professional in 2018, majoring in the Urban, Edm, Trap, Hip hop music genres.

Lamu was one of the 100 Artists that were picked and recognized from across Africa by Mr. Eazi through is Empawa Africa Empawa100 project of 2018 – 2019; which to date remains one of the singer’s proudest moments in her musical journey.

Having secured this stint, she went ahead and put out her debut single under Empawa “Something About You” in 2018, to which she later followed it up with “FALL IN” last year in September.

The young music genius and star in the making has previously worked with producers Rey Macc, Axon, Bushingtone, Mio Made, Ksl, MAFB, KayceHouse, Sam Lamara, L-steel and Ledra to make an impact on the scene with her distinctive urban sound, characterized by a unique and authentic sense of style, not only in her music, but in song writing too.

When you listen to songs like “Pata”, you’d get to hear that Lamu puts an urban twist with English, Swahili and Luganda in her that makes her song an ear pleasantry; to not only us here but can be enjoyed all over East Africa and beyond.

Being a creative and performer, Lamu has proved so on various stages such as at the 2018 Shorts Na Lesu edition which had Nigerian singer Nonso Amadi, The Clan Meetings (by Bantu Vibes), A ka Dope, Blankets and Wine among others.

Lamu performing at A ka Dope

Okay enough with the introduction, let’s get straight into the talk about her new Extended Play (EP) “No Pressure”. 💃

At the start of this month, on 2nd  July, Lamu announced that her debut EP, would be coming out soon.

The EP arrived yesterday after close to a year in the works. Lamu describes “No Pressure” as a seven (7) track perfect compilation.

Any features?

Well yes. The EP does see Lamu unite with collaborators Shawn Maine (remember him from ‘It’s crazy ‘?). She also has guest vocalists Jinmi Abduls and Mugaba on it.

The “No Pressure” EP was released under Trendsetters Music family and like earlier mentioned, it has 7 tracks on it; four singles and three features:  

  1. Habibi
  2. Kill You With It (Feat. Mugaba)
  3. Leave With Me (Feat. Jinmi Abduls)
  4. Right
  5. No Pressure
  6. Need (Feat. Shawn Maine)
  7. One

“No Pressure signifies the calm and balance that we have to learn for ourselves in our lives especially as young adults. Life gets so crazy sometimes and it’s necessary to say, “you know what? No pressure. I got this.” She Lamu elaborated that it was inspired by all the crazy things that were, and are yet to happen in her life.  

Lamu’s summer 7 track EP “No Pressure” arrives. Here’s a listen 1 MUGIBSON

In her words, Lamu said that “This EP is for me but I did have my listeners in mind, knowing and hoping they’ll relate to it and love it and live it.” and from some of the feedback coming in through from social media, the people seem to love it, big time. The project was well received. Here is what the people had to say:

My good friend Paul Unzimai who’s been a big fan of the Trendsetters talent;- Lamu recommended me to listen to it soon as it came out and I too surely do understand why he had it on repeat all evening long yesterday.  it’s a beautiful one.

Wondering where to find the EP?

Well, Lamu’s music has always been made available to all digital music platforms thanks to her team/ family at Trendsetters. Stream/ Download here: 💜