Recorded at Buziga (Munyonyo) based label – Victory Alley Studios comes Larry’s latest single – Supernova.  

“Supernova” presents an outer-space experience the moment you press play. While the groovy bass compliments the mesmerizing bass line, the changing pitch of Larry’ voice sounds as if Martians have just stepped in the booth to provide ad-libs; a clear expression of how everyone should feel about themselves regardless of the times in their lives. Everyone ought to feel like a supernova that is super focused and super gorgeous.

Larry boasts about his quest to stardom, singing, “I’m a supernova I’m a supernova/ and I’m super focused and I’m super gorgeous”.  This concept of everyone not being able to “stay down” is referenced all throughout the track; It’s a song about self-belief and expression, but also about how complicated that can be going about everyday life, which is evident in the lyrics “taking you for granted/ coz you always/ granting them your peace” which echo through the track.

“Supernova” is the Victory Alley Ltd Artist & CEO’s first single of the year, following 2019’s, Sinking. The track features Sebuwufu Lawrence (also professionally known as LARRY) on the vocals along with production, mixing and mastery from A-list producer Rodney Mulindwa, who has also previously worked on Larry’s other projects: F.L.A.C.C.O, Together, Tears of Pain, among others including his 10track debut studio album –‘The Intro’.   The artwork for the single is credited to Elevate UG’s co-founder Jason Kigozi, and is a replica of Larry’s face in outer space.

‘Supernova’ song artwork (Picture: Larry Real Music, Instagram)

Larry believes in freedom of expression through art in any way, shape or form. Here to help people express themselves in any way they would wish to.  This exactly is what ‘Supernova’ tickles. The release of the 3minute 9minute second single was announced on the ‘Golokoka’ singer’s socials:  

Rodney Mulindwa’s signature boom-bap kick and snare leaves space for Larry’s chords and melodies to flourish. No chaotic high-hat patterns to interrupt the chord progressions, just some intergalactic crashes that prepare you for lift-off. Together, they deliver an instant hip-hop track.

‘Supernova’ has already made it to numerous popular Spotify playlist placements.  A sign that Larry moved right on this particular track. If other says yes to the track, who are we not? Stream the new joint across all major digital music streaming and downloading platforms; Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music and more.  

Jump in and listen to Larry’s Supernova below: –