Winnie Nantongo is a Ugandan poet, author, activist and digital influencer who is behind the poetry collection, the lover and her human.

In her work, Winnie sheds light on several themes and experiences that she had personal encounters with growing up, ranging from self-love, friendships, identity, heartbreak etc

The activist and self-published author channels her painful experiences into words that incredibly articulate her readers’ most personal and intense feelings.

Winnie started writing when she was only eleven years in her primary six in search of a safe place to express herself in a way she couldn’t with anyone else since she was a very shy girl who always kept to herself.

“Writing started for me when i was eleven in primary six. I remember using a 48 paged picfare book as a journal to express myself in away i couldn’t do with anyone else so i always came back to this ‘journal’ every single day and write down my feelings in form of poetry.” she says

Her goal is to assist people develop their minds and hearts through poetry and storytelling. Through her recently-published debut poetry book, the lover and her human, she provides readers with a unique angle from which you can view love and heartbreak through the eyes of someone who fell, broke but healed and rose up again. Each poem smoothly connects to the other to tell the story of a lover who breaks herself down for her human but builds herself back up.