You cannot mention luxury, glamour, and excellent taste and not mention Moët, Chandon & Hennessy; I mean the brand is up there!

This past week, the whisky held a string of invite-only get-together events to showcase the various kinds of wines and whisky variants the brand has got to offer. These were attended by members of the media fraternity, partners, and friends of the brand.

Attendees at the event (Picture: Event, Media)

While speaking at the first of the two-part event Banana Bar & Bistro, in Bugolobi, Kampala, the brand’s regional Marketing Manager for territories; Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi Janet Mwalilino noted remarked that this event was as a way of the company telling its consumers that they are back to serve them and their whisky/ wine cravings; now that we are ‘Outside’, and have already lost the past 2 years to the COVID19 pandemic.

She adds that a lot of activations had already been happening however these had to go on the slow due to the pandemic.

“Moët is all about celebrating the moments, and the champagne of success, and occasions of togetherness.”

Janet also added that Moët, Chandon & Hennessy offers multiple variations of spirits, champagnes, and wines to match different consumer needs; right from those who desire the dry, sweet champagne and can be had with white/ red meat dishes, desserts, starter or main course dishes.

Janet Mwalilino speaking at the event (Picture: Event, Media)

To achieve its goal, Moët Hennessy is partnering with Black Showman; the conglomerate’s distributor in the region.

Due to the crazy demand for luxury brands and yet under restricted conditions such as closing off of borders and travel/ trade restrictions, this affected the brand’s distribution channels due to lockdowns; more so in markets like Uganda.

LVMH marketing manager for Eastern Africa Alexandre Helaine alludes to the increasing demand for their champagne to the fact that the vast majority of people were home and therefore desired to consume an excellent and luxurious product hence demand for Moët going high beyond that that they could satisfy.

“Sales of Moet went crazy… crazy… and we were even out of stock. The demand is higher than our production around the world, not only in Uganda,” he noted.

at the launch
A bottle of Moët (Picture: Event, Media)

To counter this, he said, they have decided to target high-end consumers instead of spreading thin with a huge low-paying consumer base.

“When we have more products in the future, we can spread the distribution elsewhere,’ he said.

Alexandre also adds that the production process of the champagne is quite a lengthy one being that they use grapes, which are grown and matured over a long period of time, and then processed.

“All our products are natural… agricultural… it takes time for them to be produced. For example, if it’s Hennessy, it takes a minimum of three years… it takes time to grow the vines… from planting to harvesting grapes, it takes four years…”

Black Showmans Beverages’ CEO David Kakonge confirmed a replenishment of supply, saying that after the shipping into the country is done, distribution is handed over to Black Hawk, a brand under Black Showman’s that handles stores around the country. He also reassured those in attendance of their brand’s confidence and strength in distribution given their many years of experience.

David Kakonge speaking at the event (Picture: Event, Media)

The event was capped with picture moments and snacking.

Being a two-day part event, a similar occasion was held Thursday, this time at Latitude 0 Degrees Hotel in Makindye, Kampala to give guests a wholesome experience of the Glenmorangie Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

Mwalilino while speaking with the media emphasized that all their whisky/ champagne brands are very exciting, as they are leaders in their categories; commanding over 50% of the market share, Moët is the world’s most loved champagne, and the Glenmorangie Single Malt Scotch Whisky reigning as the most awarded champagne & its master distiller being an award-winning distiller for 5 consecutive years since 2017.

“We are here to showcase that as a brand, have whiskies that can match up to the high quality and standard demanded by the Ugandans.” To mitigate the challenge of running shortage of what to supply the people so as to satisfy their demand, Janet says they are working to expand the vineyards to ensure increased production, and from the market level, they are working with their partners to make sure that they are available at the right time and place to satisfy the demand.”, she concluded.