We all know the center role commentary does and shapes how we watch football matches. With good commentators knowing what to say, when to say it, and even when to stay quiet and allow the action to speak for itself.

Are you a good football commentator? Well, your time to shine is now. With the Tabbira Owangula’ search by Sanyuka TV and partners MTN.

MTN Uganda, the official broadcast partner of the Startimes Uganda Premier League (SUPL) has collaborated with Sanyuka TV to launch a new challenge that seeks to identify one local fan with a talent for soccer commentary. The lucky person will get a one-year contract to do commentary for the SUPL season 2020-21.

The campaign that is a partnership with the leading Sports broadcasting TV station Sanyuka TV is seeking to identify an all-round sports commentator who can do side pitch analysis, interviews, game analysis and commentary.

Dubbed “Samba Ne MTN” the campaign started with a soccer quiz and now seeking for a talented commentator under the Samba ne MTN – Tabira Owangule subtheme. The lucky winner will walk away with a one-year contract from Sanyuka TV to do commentary on the SUPL 202-21 soccer season, alongside other goodies from the telecom giant such as a cash and monthly data, among others.

“MTN Uganda is passionate about Ugandan sports. There is so much talent in this country that we seek to tap into, but the talent isn’t just limited to playing. There are several other aspects of sports. And that is why we are extending our support to finding the right people to commentate about the game. That’s all part of our drive to re-kindle the love for the game that Ugandans once had,” said Somdev Sen, Chief Marketing Officer MTN Uganda.

MTN Uganda and Sanyuka TV launch search for the next big soccer commentator in the ‘Tabbira Owangule’ campaign 1 MUGIBSON
Sen Somdev: Courtesy Image

Recruitment of participants was done on social media. Interested persons were required to submit a two-minute video of them doing commentary of Ugandan football and share for nomination. To take part, one has to record a video of themselves commentating on a #StarTimesUPL match. Send the video to their WhatsApp on 0775716798.

The contestant will be evaluated by panel of 3 judges in the one-month challenge. If a contestant gets 2 “YES’” from the judges, he qualifies to join the next stage of the contest. The 1-hour contest will have 3 segments.

The Tabbira Owangule Judges are: Ruben Luyombz (an experienced football analyst), Micheal Kigozi (the Star Times Uganda Premier League lead commentator) and Brian Tuka, (an experienced sports analyst) and will judge basing on grounds on:

Side pitch – the contestant will be tested on the ability to do side pitch analysis.  

Studio analysis – with a senior match host in studio, the contestant will be tested on the ability to analyse before the game, during game break and after the match (Running orders to guide)

Commentary – this will be done once to test the ability of the contestant to do commentary during a live game.

Next Media Head of Strategy Joe Kigozi said that even if the league is currently off because of COVID 19, it is important to keep the fans engaged for when the season kicks off. 

The challenge is to be broadcasted on Sanyuka TV every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday every week from 4pm – 5pm and they started yesterday Wednesday, 5th August for the next 4 weeks. Soccer fans can also follow updates on the challenge via the social media pages of MTN Uganda @MTNUG and Sanyuka. ⚽📺 💛

Here’s how the summary of the very First Episode went down: