In August 2019, MTN silently brought back the much-loved midweek data plan known as Gaga Wednesday.

The MTN Gaga journey begun three years ago, having been first introduced in 2017. The bundle previously spanned a validity of 24 hours when subscribed and because users had discovered a hack to extend the subscribed offers to any duration, this forced the telecom to revise the plan and package before calling an end to it in May 2019. Around this time, the MTN Dabolo offer was introduced, and this saw subscribers a 100% bonus on daily and weekly data bundles, for example if you loaded 1Gb, you’d receive 2Gb instead. The offer lasted 3 good months till it had to give way for the reinvention of the MTN Gaga bundle in August last year, and this time round, the Gaga data bundle once subscribed for would be valid for a whole four days (Wednesday till Saturday 10am).

MTN's GO Dabolo – Kompare the latest voice, internet and pay TV prices in  Uganda
        MTN Dabolo campaign poster

Soon as the pandemic befell us, MTN introduced MTN Gaga Time, a new data bundle that almost worked like ‘Night Shift” because users were availed options to load gigabytes worth of bundles to take them from midnight till 10am the next day. Another package of internet that was introduced still this year was the ‘Work from Home’ bundle, which was to facilitate MTN subscribers who were telecommuting (working remotely from home), and was valid between hours 9am to 5pm, just like would be at a normal work day. This meant that the fate of the Gaga bundle had been decided, and we would see the data plan be put to a halt by the telecommunications giant in April, 2020.

Well, yesterday MTN Uganda officially announced the return of the amazing MTN Gaga bundles.

Whereas users previously got 4GB data at a price of UGX 5,000, with the return of their favorite bundle that had been on a halt since April, they are now able to enjoy 5GB of data at Ugx. 6,000. All one has to do is activate it using the myMTN App; which can be downloaded on Android and iOS.

In case you play for the yellow team, here are the steps on how to load/purchase/activate the Gaga Wednesday data offer: 🤗🔥

Step 1: Download and Install the MyMTN app either Google Play Store or App Store.

Step 2: Deposit to or check to see whether you have a mobile money balance not less than Ugx. 6,000 on your ‘account.

Step 3: Launch/ open the myMTN app, click on the “Buy” icon, that is situated at the bottom menu. Choose ‘Data” from the many options provided.

Step 4: Proceed to press on ‘Gaga Wednesday’. Having done so, you’ll be provided with prompts of whether you are buying for oneself or somebody else. Having filled in the necessary part, click ‘Continue” to finalize your transaction.

Step 5: A provision to key in your Mobile Money will be brought on your screen upon which you’ll be expected to type in secret 5-digit PIN to confirm and authorize transaction.

Step : Once you are through, a message that you have successfully transacted should show.

There you have it, Gaga away with MTN. 🤗 🥴 because the MTN gaga bundle is back. It can only be purchased via the myMTN app, so be sure to download it today. 📌