MTN Uganda introduces Kafyu Calls Talk bundles. Here’s how to Load

Staying in touch with our loved ones has never gotten any cheaper and easier like it is now. Thanks to the newly introduced and exciting Kafyu Call bundles offer that was rolled out yesterday by leading telecommunications giant – MTN Uganda. The announcement that was made yesterday is geared towards enabling customers make calls and keep in touch with friends and family between 10pm and 8am in the morning for only UGX. 100.

Being a generation that is interconnected and loves to socialize, this offers comes at a time where Uganda and the world at large is going through tough times that require us to socially and physically keep distances from each other as a measure of curbing the fast spreading and multiplying of the victim count of the corona virus. It is such times that we are only left to interact over communication medium. The Kafyu Calls bundles are one of the products (offers MTN has made available to its subscribers so as to ease their communication with friends and family. 

Here’s how they work:

First of all, the MTN Kafyu calls go for only Ugx. 100 (only one hundred Ugandan shillings). Very affordable, right? Once loaded (purchased)), a user is able to make calls all the way from 10pm to 8am in the morning. 

Subscription is by dialing the USSD code: *160*19#, proceeding to select from an option of either buying the call bundle for themselves or another user. Once past this step, you are then asked how you wish to be billed; whether you would like to purchase using your credit balance (airtime balance like its commonly referred to as) or pay using Mobile Money.

Alternatively: customers can also be able to purchase the Kafyu Calls bundles the easier and smarter way by simply installing the My MTN App or launching (opening) it; in case they already have it installed. They then have to go ahead and choose the “Buy” icon while in the app, they’ll then be granted multiple options from which to choose from; upon which they’ll have to choose “Minutes and select “Kafyu Bundles” (third) and then follow prompts.

Having loaded the Kafyu calls bundle, a subscriber is granted 60 minutes of talk time; that means 60 minutes that are valid for eleven hours (10PM to 8AM) in the morning. 

Notable to know is that the MTN Kafyu Calls offer only works across MTN to MTN calls only. Therefore, for someone to enjoy and make use of these Kafyu bundles, they ought to be having an MTN simcard and be calling a fellow MTN subscriber. 

Like you and I can guess right, each MTN Uganda offer coming out during this COVID-19 pandemic crisis has a “19” denoted in its naming; take for example the now “Kafyu Calls” bundles (*160*19#) and also the “Work From Home”  internet bundles (*150*19#) which were launched so as to enable subscribers be able to telecommute since there’s a full lockdown and most cannot be able to make it to their work places. So, the “19” is a symbol of MTN Uganda’s solidarity and togetherness with its 12 million plus subscribers in the struggle of staying safe and staying home during these conditions that were forcefully imposed on us by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

With this offer, MTN Uganda further promotes the social distancing directive, a measure encouraged by the Ministry of health as one of the many ways to prevent the spreading of coronavirus.

Commenting on this new offering, MTN ’s Chief Executive Officer: Wim Vanhelleputte said that, “In these unprecedented times of hardship we have a responsibility to stand with the people of Uganda and make it as affordable as possible for them to stay connected with their dear ones, many of whom are today distanced from each other with no other way to connect but through their mobile phones. Whether it is to check on your parents upcountry or to call for emergency help at night, the MTN Kafyu call bundle makes it much more affordable to keep talking.”

From scrapping off charges on mobile money transactions that is: sending and receiving of any amount of money hence making it free, to the affordable work from home data bundles and now the Kafyu calls, this is a true gesture that MTN is committed to making it easier and more affordable for its customers to live their best life; even during these hard times. Let’s get checking on our friends and loved ones, the MTN Kafyu Call bundles are here. And for the case that you aren’t a phone calls person, you could also instead load yourself or a loved one a “Work from Home” bundle and maybe sent a DM or even videocall your mates. All in all, remember to check up on a friend, it’s the least we can do.