Fast rising Afropop and RnB young star; Shawn Maine brings on board Ugandan born & Norwegian based Afrobeat Producer; Chwezimadeit on his new single titled “It’s Crazy”. The vocals and lyrics are credited to Shawn whereas the overall production & mixing are by Chwezimadeit.

Music Review: - Shawn Maine and Chwezimadeit’s “It’s crazy”. Listen Here 1 MUGIBSON

Well, here’s a little background about each act; just in case you could be hearing about them for the very first time. Chwezimadeit is an afrobeat producer; born and bred in Uganda but currently lives in Oslo, Norway. He has worked with artists like Jesse10s (Uganda), Ghana’s Gemini Orleans and he’s created songs like: “Settle Down, Down Low, Yawa, Nating, and Sunlight. This time he teamed up with yet another brilliant Ugandan act; Shawn Maine and hence dropping “It’s Crazy” their new single on the 17th of March, 2020; late last month.

Music Review: - Shawn Maine and Chwezimadeit’s “It’s crazy”. Listen Here 2 MUGIBSON

Born Shawn Bisangwa; Maine is a 20-year-old Afro- fusion crooner and as an artiste he fuses Pop, soul and RnB to create his own unique sound (afro fusion). He kick started his musical career in 2018.  Shawn has had a few singles, song covers, an EP (Extended Play) and wins to his name. One of his most popular titles is his unrequited love themed song ‘Stay’ on which featured J Wats and Producer X. Among his other singles is: “I can’t be Myself (feat. Lagum), Show You, Control (Feat. Mootownoh, and now “It’s Crazy”. Shawn also featured on 4HOMIES’ EP (First Take, Vol.1) on track 6 (Fallen).

Music Review: - Shawn Maine and Chwezimadeit’s “It’s crazy”. Listen Here 3 MUGIBSON

Talking of wins, Shawn’s single “Stay” peaked atop (at #1) the Ugandan iTunes charts back then in May 2019. This ain’t any different from his recent “It’s Crazy” bop release that we are reviewing today that did similar.

Music Review: - Shawn Maine and Chwezimadeit’s “It’s crazy”. Listen Here 4 MUGIBSON

Asides topping charts, Maine also did happen to be among the performing acts at the 24th Edition of Blankets and Wine last year in December; along Allan Toniks, Evon, DJ LL, with the main headliner being Jidenna. He’s also performed as one of the few artists who opened for the Wizkid Live in Concert (Dirty December) in December 2019, among other gigs.  Maine cites John Legend, Summer Walker, Stevie Wonder and Sam Smith as his musical influences. It is of little wonder that he (Shawn) went ahead to record a cover for Sam Smith and Normani’s “Dancing with a Stranger” song which he later uploaded to his SoundCloud.

Chwezi broke the news to the world about the song’s release a few days to “It’s Crazy’s premier and was a matter of hours till it went live on all digital music platforms via his social media channels.


He wrote saying: “Corona can’t stop we! The best we can do is to stay home and do as the doctors tell us so as to avoid the spread of this Pandemic! However, I got some new music out for you this Tuesday on 17.03.2020 to comfort you through these horrible times. 🙌🏿

Song: It’s Crazy

Artist: Chwezimadeit x @iam_the_mainest (Shawn Maine’s handle)

Out: 17.03.202

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“It’s Crazy” is a song that combines sounds of an electronic percussion pad with a blend of modern sounds of a match box in the background. It has a feel of EDM but in a slower bpm. It tells a story of a frustrated lover who gives his all to the girl he loves. Shawn who sings on this one, sings expressing how he’s done all he can to contain her; given her whatever she asks for whenever she does ask, he shares his dreams with her, he is down for here whenever and promises to even have taken a bullet for her (given a chance); – an act and deed of true love but she continues to take him for granted despite his delivery and commitment to fighting for the relationship and making it work. This entire feeling of loving and caring for someone who does not reciprocate the same energy is crazy; as Shawn sings on. She keeps “playing” him and its crazy. The thing that stands out for me from this particular song is how laid back the singer is; he makes singing come off as so easy. He effortlessly delivers the song in under 2minutes and 28 seconds of playtime. Maine’s voice has that youthful energy and yet still smooth; just like it always does on all his former projects. Another major aspect that makes “It’s Crazy” incredible are its lyrics and production.

Music Review: - Shawn Maine and Chwezimadeit’s “It’s crazy”. Listen Here 5 MUGIBSON

I honestly very much recommend “It’s Crazy” for anyone’s listening pleasure; more so if you are the kind that appreciates and loves good music. Just an amazing song with great and powerful lyrics. For now, be sure to stream “It’s Crazy” across all digital music platforms. And now that MTN and Tidal are here to enable you discover more singles by Shawn Maine, Simply download the Tidal music streaming mobile application today from Google Play or App Store, proceed to dial *165*66# to activate your 30-day free trial or to pay your subscription and listen to “It’s Crazy” or any other of Maine’s songs then. Here’s a link:  Remember to share your thoughts on this new single with us. Till then. A blessed week ahead. Remember to also sanitize, and Stay Safe.