Originally released in May 2018, Mungi Emmanuel Matovu also professionally known as Mun G’s ‘Omungi Atiibwa‘ album is set to be re-released, this time to digital streaming platforms Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music and the likes.

Upon initial release, the LP consisted of 14 tracks, with a couple of features including one with Naava Grey and was only available for purchase at UGX. 10,000/= via Sula Pay an online payments platform, as most Ugandan music enthusiasts & artists had not yet been acquainted with music streaming platforms, till Tidal made the partnership with MTN in August 2018, and later Spotify this February 2021.

An alternative place it could be found was on his YouTube channel, as separate singles. Mun G earlier in the day today confirmed that come September 3rd, the ‘Omungi Atiibwa‘ will be available for streaming:

The artwork of the album was a photo of his son who he loves so much and loudly by the way (a thing you can see from his social media posts & even features him in some of his music videos), and the track listing of the LP is also to stay the same, it’s just the consumption format (digital) being upgraded.

See the track list for ‘Omungi Atiibwa’ below:

To Mark It’s 3Year Anniversary, Mun G's ‘Omungi Atiibwa’ Album is Landing on Streaming Services this September 1 MUGIBSON
‘Omungi Atiibwa’ album tracklist (Picture: Courtesy)

Kunta Kinte camp founder’s style of rap revolves around a mix of punchlines, sarcasm, lugaflow, and trendy catch phrases, with one of his most recent being lockdown inspired single ‘Bintwala’, Ontwala Spidi, and Entanglement (if you recall the Will Smith Jada Pinkett Smith) fiasco.

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I personally had heard a few singles back then and my favorite had been ‘Tuva Wala’; a tale of how he and GNL Zamba started out in this music journey and saw the rapper recall the struggles and hurdles they had to bear to breakthrough.

As per usual, do Pre-save/Pre-add the album here so it can be added to your library when the album comes out.